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Do you know that the voice is an extraordinary weapon? Voice can make for great conversations, encourage people, and even change a listener’s mind or attitude. If you live in Los Angeles and dream of recording your first successful music album, some sound effects for movies or video games, or you want to record some of your podcasts, then you need to contact our MIX Recording Studio. In our studio, also known as the most professional recording studio, you can record the highest quality audio and immerse yourself in a wonderful, inspiring atmosphere.

If you have any fears before recording, then we recommend you read this article. We’ll look at the top 5 tips on how to deal with stress and record great audio. We will also share with you what services MIX Recording Studio offers and what special things we can give you. Are you ready? Then we begin!

5 tips for the great recording

Take a deep breath and exhale.

You may feel apprehensive about recording, but that’s okay. But, sometimes, all you need to relax can be proper breathing. Take a deep breath, feel the air you are holding in your chest, hold it for a while, and exhale calmly. You can repeat this exercise for 2-3 minutes, and maybe it will be much easier for you to come to your senses and start creating.

Prepare in advance

If you are planning to record something in the studio, one of the most valuable tips is to prepare for recording. Create or analyse material to record, sketch out a couple of ideas, and try rehearsing using the “mirror technique.” What kind of technique is this? Very simple. The point is that you sit in front of a mirror and look yourself straight in the eye, saying whatever you plan to say in the recording studio. In this way, you will have more self-confidence and you can calmly start recording your voice

Accept the fact that something can go wrong

You can see the perfect pictures and videos on some social networks, such as Instagram, by following someone’s profile. But in real life, everything is quite the opposite.


There are such unforeseen situations that no one can act on, and that’s normal. The main thing is to coordinate quickly and not start panicking.

Take a bottle of water with you.

When recording, your voice may begin to settle or dry out. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience, we recommend that you take a bottle of water with you to periodically relax your vocal cords.

Avoid any sedatives

If you think that by prescribing sedative pills, you will be able to feel calmer and more confident before recording, then you are very mistaken. In the work process, the main thing is your ideas, and accordingly, your brain. And if you start taking some sedative pills, you won’t be able to implement all your ideas 100% because your brain will be a little blocked from thinking.

The same goes for alcohol. Do not use it before recording. You may think that alcohol will give you confidence, but all that alcohol can give you is a headache and a brain block.

What services does MIX Recording Studio provide?

Our recording studio has many services, but the main ones are:

Recording Studio Rental

You can rent studios from us with or without a professional sound engineer. It all depends only on your choice. If you feel that you want and can create on your own, then we give you “freedom of flight.” We believe in you and want to give you a chance to realize your ideas.

Photo & Video Production

Our sound studio focuses on a variety of visual productions, including professional photo shoots, interviews, immersive music videos, and studio vlogs. Therefore, if you want to document the process, then you can safely contact us for such a service.

Podcast Recording

If you want to record your podcast, our MIX Recording Studio will give you the professional sound and look it deserves. You can “entrust your voice in our hands” because it will be heard very clearly in our studio.

Drum Recording

You can use our drum kit to create the perfect beat for your tracks. Why? Because we have it of the highest quality!


To find out the full list of services and more information about each of them, click here.

What is special about MIX Recording Studio?

If you ask us a question like: “What makes our recording studio different from others?”, then we will answer your question now.

First, all of our sound engineers have experience, and every project we have taken on has been successful. Also, our talented sound engineers are as enthusiastic about your music as you are. Therefore, “catch a common wave” and creating a masterpiece with audio will be much easier than you think.

Second, our recording room is acoustically treated to keep your sound crystal clear and pristine. Not every recording studio may have state-of-the-art equipment, but ours does!

And finally, we have recording services at night as well. Yes, you heard everything right. We know how hard it can be to find inspiration at times, so if you’re in the mood at night, you can contact us and start your audio project with our help!

Don’t be afraid to open the door to a world of musical possibilities. Take this step with us┬átoday!


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