Sonos Move vs Play 5 | Detailed Comparison of 2023

It compares two speakers made by the well-known and well-liked Sonos company. Both the Sonos Move and the Sonos Play 5 are fantastic speakers. The two speakers have a significant price difference. Both speakers are very different in terms of their form and design. Sound quality does share some similarities as they are both of the same brands.

Thanks to our thorough review comparison, you’ll find it simple to choose which is better and more appropriate for you.

Quick Review

Sonos Move

The Sonos move is the perfect powered countertop speaker. It functions as you go from room to room, follows you outside on the porch or patio, and continues to function as you travel or go to the beach.It works everywhere you need, including inside buildings and in the rain.

It has built-in competent help in the shape of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa; Siri compatibility is not there, but since it supports AirPlay, you may automate and incorporate it in intelligent home kit settings. It functions with Bluetooth when you venture outside of your house and lose track of Wi-Fi, and it is just a very fantastic speaker overall.

Play 5 by Sonos

This speaker, the Sonos Play 5, is ideal for people who want to hear music in a large room and want to fill it with sound. It provides excellent room-filling and excellent sound. You may utilize your music streaming services or line-in capabilities, and you can store a tonne of music on the Sonos device through the app.

This speaker has incredible features. You can access the application that enables you to subscribe to a music streaming service. In the app’s options, you may search for various items inside the music service, such as songs, artists, albums, and other things.


Sonos Move

A metal grille that surrounds the speaker envelops the body. A fire-filled mic arrangement, a tiny light, and several buttons common to other Sonos products decorate the top. There is a play/pause in the middle with the volume turned up and down on each side.

So, this won’t be a problem. The speaker’s front meshing is made of metal, and the body is made of highly durable plastic. The packing was also excellent. Next, you have a streamlined design that is wonderful and gorgeous. The exciting thing about this speaker is that the tiny feet at the bottom serve as scratch protection for the speaker or whatever surface you use. Additionally, the speaker can be turned vertically and mounted in the opposite direction thanks to the feet on the opposite side.



The Sonos mobile is a portable speaker, but it is far more than that; it is a speaker that functions equally well indoors, outside, and in your house. The Sonos has a variety of potential uses. The Sonos Move speaker is available with Inbox. It comes with a nice microfiber bag that may be helpful but doesn’t seem particularly helpful because users didn’t maintain the speaker very well. Since the speaker is enormous and humongous, putting it in a backpack makes it slightly more challenging to carry around daily.

Play 5 by Sonos

This speaker arrives in nice-looking packaging—one of those unpacking moments when the layout is similar to an Apple device. You’ll have the lovely box, the attractive packaging, the clever technique to open it without hurting your back, and the absurd polls. A little tab needs to be pulled to open the box, essentially removing the sticker from both sides.

You may pull the trim tabs to open the box. When you open the package, the speaker is inside and protected by plastic, which is a lovely touch. Then there is another tiny box that is well-protected and contains all the foam. The only item that has to be connected to the wall is the cable included in the package, along with some setup and other related information. Additionally, you have your Ethernet wire if you want to utilize it.


Sonos Move

When switching from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, we did hear a slight drop in audio quality. It wasn’t much, but it was obviously audible with an iPhone that doesn’t support apex. Nevertheless, the move still made the speaker sound better than virtually every other Bluetooth speaker on the market.

Since the Wi-Fi range was excellent, we mainly depended on airplay and frequently used Wi-Fi near our house. The overall sound of the movie is terrific; it has a Sonos sound. We immediately compared it to a Sonos one and found that it is essentially the same, with a louder profile. We are ok with the quantity of bass offered when we listen through the playlists we use to evaluate our audio equipment. There was undoubtedly an incredible bass sensation at the song’s beginning if the guitar entered. We went through the album and listened to items like Joe Cocker’s together.

Sonos Play 5

To tune a device for actual play, open your app, log into the system, then choose the device you would like to adjust for play five. From there, you must select accurate play. Even before you press on the actual play, you’ll be able to tune in. To do this, you’ll need to flip your phone around again and rotate it as directed by the instructions on the screen. In essence, this will test the noise levels in your room, which may be quite a big one, such as mine, which is bigger still and doubles as both a bedroom and a living room.

Sonos Move VS Play 5: Pros & Cons

Sonos Move


  • Wireless connectivity is trustworthy.
  • The sound is audible and robust.
  • The excellent sound both inside and outside.
  • wonderful charging base
  • Auto-true play that works well
  • Excellent interoperability between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Connects to other Sonos applications
  • Waterproof construction of IP56.
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi both have supporters.
  • Mics are effective.


  • Pricey.
  • There is no Bluetooth support for aptX.
  • Too bulky speakers
  • It cannot be utilized as theatre speakers at the back.
  • The speaker cannot be carried far, thanks to the handle’s frailty.
  • Too large to transport.
  • The battery life is reduced.

Sonos Play 5


  • strong sound.
  • Incredible sound quality,
  • attractive appearance, and robust construction.
  • It conveys a professional air.
  • Simple and easy to set up.
  • Excellent dynamic range.
  • Touchscreen controls
  • flexible architecture
  • Remarkable is the wireless mesh network.
  • TruePlay is helpful in some settings.
  • Airplay compatibility.


  • High-resolution audio is not supported.
  • There is some weight to the bass.
  • Simple is the design.
  • Pricey.
  • TruePlay requires a complex setup.
  • The single-app strategy might complicate.
  • A bit clumsy.

What to Buy?

For anybody who wants a great audio system with incredible sound quality and to match it with a separate speaker—you’ll have one downstairs in the bedroom or another in the room to have even a more profound sound—Sonos Move is a no-brainer. So, that’s a perfect choice. Due to its battery-powered nature, it is more appropriate for outdoor use. The cost of the Sonos Play 5 is a concern.

The advantage is that it essentially replaces two devices. Therefore, purchasing a Sonos speaker for your house and a second portable speaker for outside is not necessary. It may, therefore readily defended in that sense.There are minor drawbacks, such as the size, weight, lack of a USB port, and lack of panoramic sound, but this is a fantastic gadget overall.

Both have unique qualities and advantages. If you have a limited budget, choose Sonos Move instead of Sonos Play 5, and if you have a larger one, choose Sonos Play 5.


Different strengths distinguish the Sonos Move from the Sonos Five. Although we don’t presently test for this, the Move is more suited for outdoor use because it is battery-powered and has an IP56 classification for dust and water resistance. Additionally, it has excellent voice assistant functions, and Bluetooth enables wireless audio streaming to the smartphone. On the other hand, the Five is more suited for music since it can create more low-bass and, depending on where it is situated, may be utilized in either stereo or mono mode.


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