Klipsch Reference vs Reference Premiere | Which is best for you?

Finding a speaker brand that meets our sound needs is very difficult because there are so many options on the market. Klipsch’s reputable company creates sound systems of the highest caliber and efficiency at competitive prices. The brand creates premium speakers with careful engineering to provide a vast and utterly satisfying home sound experience.

Paul Klipsch founded the American loudspeaker company in Hope, Arkansas, in 1946. The company has contributed to the expansion of the US high-end audio market over the past ten years while also upholding the brand’s reputation.

The Reference and Reference Premiere series are two of the best-known Klipsch speaker lines. The 13 models in the Reference Series are each equipped with the latest audio technology and all the material and graphical advancements from earlier Reference speakers. In contrast, the Reference Premiere Series is the company’s flagship home theater speaker. Early in 2015, it made its debut, and it was discontinued in 2018.

The distinction between the Klipsch Reference and Reference Premiere Series is one of the most frequently asked questions about the Klipsch brand. With cutting-edge engineering and a bevy of features, both product lines offer an incredible selection of speakers of the highest caliber.

Let’s quickly compare Klipsch Reference and Klipsch Reference Premiere without further delay.

Klipsch Reference Series

Since the line’s 1999 launch, Klipsch claims its Reference Series upgrades are the most significant. The bar boasts a striking new look, excellent woofers made of spun-cooper thermoformed crystal polymer for a unique gong-like appearance, and a new look that is both impressive and captivating.

The Klipsch Reference Series speakers are reasonably priced and have top-notch features. With the push of a button, they offer a small yet effective solution that satisfies all your audio fantasies. These speakers create the distinct sound quality of the brand with realistic acoustics thanks to their spun-copper IMG woofers and exclusive horn-loaded technology.

The Klipsch Reference Series’ exposed fasteners, wood grain vinyl finish, and reinforced MDF cabinets give them a contemporary appearance. Because of its sturdy construction, it produces sound with excellent acuity and less audible coloration. The 90° to 90° Tractrix Horn in these speakers transmits high-frequency sound without sending sound waves in the wrong directions.

The rear Tractrix port on these speakers matches the woofer and the cabinet for simple airflow with little turbulence and distortion, even at the lowest frequency. To improve and detail the audio performance, it also minimizes sound distortion thanks to its linear travel suspension or LTS. The Kapton suspension, a remarkably stiff and light material that improves the resonance and audio detail in the tweeter, is the key to its efficiency.


  • The Klipsch Reference Series is very reasonably priced.
  • They respond with punchy bass.
  • They use little power.
  • They are beautifully constructed and have a timeless look.
  • They have lively audio quality.


  • Some prefer a more contemporary style.

Klipsch Reference Premiere

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series uses cutting-edge technology and the brand’s signature acoustics to provide the best in-home theater and premium listening. While offering the highest quality and comprehensive frequency spectrum, your movies and music are faithfully reproduced.

Regarding design and construction, these speakers come in various scratch-resistant finishes, including ebony, walnut, and piano gloss. Additionally, they have a robust, adaptable, and removable grille that attaches magnetically to the cabinet, making it simple to match them with any decor. These speakers have a contemporary and upscale appearance thanks to their satin-painted baffles, cast aluminum feet, and copper anodized trim rings.

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series features high-tensile strength ceramic-metal woofers and a linear travel suspension system. The hybrid 90 into 90 Tractrix Horn is the company’s best 2-way sounding horn system on its tweeters. Because of this, these speakers produce a transparent sound in their high-frequency response and are clear and detailed with less sound distortion.

The Klipsch Reference Premium Series also features a rear Tractrix port with a geometric design that allows air to flow with little turbulence and distortion for accurate and precise low-frequency sound performance. The speakers have two input terminals that enable users to bi-wire or bi-amp them for a personalized and high-performance experience.


  • The Klipsch Reference, Premiere Series speakers offer excellent sound quality.
  • High-quality, long-lasting materials were used in their construction.
  • Their designs are cutting-edge and luxurious.
  • Lowest possible sound distortion, even at low frequencies, thanks to the hybrid tractrix horn.
  • They are compassionate.
  • Effective bass integration


  • They are massive and bulky in build.
  • Some people might not like horn tweeters.
  • The depth of Sub is lacking.

Klipsch Reference vs Reference Premiere

1. Sound quality

The natural acoustics of the Klipsch Reference Series speakers make your music and movies come to life. These speakers lessen artificial filtering or reverb brought on by sound indirectly reflecting off objects like walls by generating high-frequency energy. Thanks to this horn technology, the speakers deliver your music’s best dynamics and clarity. Additionally, these speakers have a Linear Travel Suspension that reduces sound distortion and enhances the resolution and detail of the audio.

The audio quality provided by the Klipsch Reference Premiere speakers is unparalleled. They also have Tractrix Horn Loading Technology for high-frequency sound energy directed directly at the listener. Additionally, they have a silicone face matted and molded for smoother frequency response. With less-than-ideal placement arrangements, these speakers’ excellent Wide Dispersion Surround technology produces stunning sonic detail.

As a result, compared to the Klipsch Reference Series, the Klipsch Reference Premium Series offers a more vivid and detailed sound quality.

2. Quality of Design and Construction

A complete home theater experience is provided by the Klipsch Reference Series, which combines audio technological advancements. Low-profile grilles and scratch-resistant wood grain vinyl give each speaker a sleek, contemporary look. Additionally, they have a reinforced MDF cabinet design that enhances sonic accuracy and lowers vibration.

A tower with cast aluminum feet for resonance and floor contact, as well as copper woofers, are included with the Klipsch Reference Premiere. Additionally, they have rubber feet that help with sound absorption. They also have brand-specific horn technology for controlled sound and less electrical power when producing loud sounds.

Thus, compared to the Klipsch Reference Series, the Klipsch Reference Premiere Series is more adaptable and robust.

3. Additional Features

The Klipsch Reference Series is a bookshelf speaker because mounting hardware is not present in the box. Conversely, the Klipsch Reference can be mounted to a wall thanks to keyhole mount brackets on the back. Additionally, they have banana plugs for solid and flexible connections and a single 5-way input screw terminal that can accept bare wire up to 12 gauge.

The Klipsch Premium Series is more versatile than the Reference Line, thanks to its adjustable input terminals.

4. Cost

The Klipsch Reference Premiere Series and Klipsch Reference speakers frequently go on sale. However, Klipsch Reference speakers are typically less expensive and retail for less money.


1. What distinguishes Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers from Klipsch Reference Speakers?

The following components were used to distinguish the two speaker lines. Even though the elements in both speaker lines are of the highest caliber, the Reference Premium uses even better parts to enhance the frequency response and overall sound quality. Aluminum tweeters are used in the Klipsch Reference Series, while titanium tweeters and ceramic woofers are in the Klipsch Reference Premiere.

2. Are Klipsch speakers still of high quality?

For over 50 years, Klipsch has been one of the top manufacturers of high-end speakers, and their products are renowned for their excellent build quality, dependability, and sound quality. There is no better brand than Klipsch if you want to update your audio system.

3. Is Klipsch a hyped-up brand?

Subwoofers from Klipsch are too expensive. Their speaker systems are pretty affordable for what you get. When looking for new speakers, Klipsch would be first on my priority list. It’s because they have pretty dynamic and influential speakers.

4. Do Klipsch speakers require a break-in?

After using it for approximately 100 hours, your speaker should be turned on. As the speaker uses more, the surrounding materials and spider material become looser. A break-in will noticeably alter some speakers’ sounds. Some only slightly advance, while others undergo significant change.

5. How long can a speaker go on?

Due to the materials used in their made up  and the environment in which they must be used, high-quality speakers typically last 20 to 30 years before showing any signs of wear. Due to the wide variety of available speaker types, there is much variation in terms of quality, longevity, and durability.


The Reference Premiere speakers are an upgrade from the Reference speakers, which should be clear. The Klipsch Reference Series continues to offer excellent value. Mainly if you are with the bright sound signature that comes with them and your focus is on music. Additionally, they provide excellent value to shoppers on a budget.

Both will function as home theater speakers, but the Reference Premiere speakers are unquestionably superior. Home theater applications have a better sound signature. They will benefit you  for more time  in the long run if you plan to have a more extensive home theater speaker setup.

I hope it was enjoyable for you to read it. Please share your thoughts in the section below for comments.


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