How To Turn On Bose Soundbar Without Remote | 5 Methods

Bose creates excellent audio equipment with a particular emphasis on music, sound, and technology. Anyone who wants to customize their home theater should use this system. They ought to understand how to activate a Bose soundbar without a remote. If you need to use one of the remote’s many features but have lost the remote, there is no turning back. When the Bose soundbar’s remote isn’t working, it can be difficult to restore order. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds that can be used to make sure that the Bose SoundBar is once more useful for you.

There is no physical power button on Bose soundbars or speakers and no volume control. The remote control is the most typical method of activating Bose speakers. But occasionally, remote controls might not work. The batteries running out is one of the most frequent reasons why the remote stops working.

There are a few things one can try to control the Bose speakers if they don’t have a remote. Here is a comprehensive guide on activating a Bose soundbar without a remote.

Can You Use A Bose Soundbar Without A Remote?

Unrestricted use of Bose soundbars is possible. Install the Bose Music app first to get started. A feature, such as “Auto-wake,” can then be enabled. However, you can also use your mobile phone as a substitute for a remote. Additionally, a universal remote control can be used.

The Bose Soundbar in your home can be connected and used easily if your program owns a remote with all the buttons and controls you desire.

Activating Bose Soundbars Without the Original Remote

The following options can be used to activate the Bose SoundBar if the remote control is missing:

  • Utilize a phone as a remote control.
  • Utilize the TV remote.
  • The “Auto-Wake” function should be enabled.
  • Utilize a universal remote.
  • Activate the Power-Syn function.
  • Get a new remote for the Bose SoundBar.
  • Customize the Bose soundbar remote control.

Revisit The Bose SoundBar

Update the hardware’s firmware before pairing your smartphone with the Bose SoundBar and using it to control it. The older versions are incompatible with the IR sensors, so it is necessary. At the same time, the IR learning feature is a feature of the most recent firmware releases.

Both a computer and the Bose mobile app can be used to update the Bose SoundBar. Connect the Bose SoundBar to your phone and use the app to update the firmware. Following are the steps involved in using a computer:

  • Navigate to the Bose Update page.
  • Click the Download button after choosing your region to save the updated file.
  • Open the Bose Update file and permit the installation to finish.
  • Take a USB cable and insert one end into the computer and the other into the Bose SoundBar to complete the process.
  • Click Install all the available updates after you have opened the Bose Updater file on your computer.
  • Disconnect your computer from your SoundBar once the installation is complete.

Activation Methods For Bose Soundbar Without Remote

1. Bose Soundbar Activation Via Smartphone

You can use your smartphone to activate and control your Bose soundbar. The process is the same for both an iPhone and an Android. Most smartphones come equipped with an IR or infrared blaster that looks like a tiny house. Similar to a remote, it can send IR signals to various devices.

  • Go to the Apple Store or Play Store, depending on whether you have an Android or iPhone. The ControlSpace Remote Custom app can be downloaded.
  • Open the app and grant access when prompted.
  • The power On/Off settings are located on the app’s main Homepage, which you will be taken to.
  • The app has a somewhat complex user interface. As a result, understanding it requires some effort.
  • This app can easily be used as a mobile remote for your Bose audio devices, giving you access to all the control features.

2. Switch On Bose Soundbar Using TV Remote

The Bose soundbar can be turned on and controlled using the TV remote. The TV must, however, support the HDMI CEC feature to accomplish this. Consumer Electronic Control enables two-way data transmission between the TV and connected devices. Check the specifications or user manual to confirm whether your TV supports HDMI CEC.

Simply connecting the Soundbar to the TV using the HDMI ARC or e ARC port is all required. Then, turn on HDMI CEC on your TV. The Settings can then be accessed by pressing the menu button on the TV remote. On the TV remote, select the menu button to access Settings. Then select External Device Manager from the General tab if one is available. Locate and enable the HDMI -CEC.

3. Switch On The Auto-Wake Feature

Certain features, including “Auto-Wake” and “Power Sync,” are available on Bose soundbars. With the help of a connected device, such as a TV or cable box, the Auto Wake feature configures your Soundbar. Consequently, the Soundbar turns on automatically when you turn on your TV. If you misplaced your Bose remote, this feature would be convenient. To enable the auto-wake feature, the following procedures must be followed:

Step 1: Installing the App

  • Join the same Wi-Fi network that the smartphone is connected to by connecting the Bose Soundbar.
  • To turn the Soundbar ON, plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • Launch the Bose Music app after downloading it to your phone.
  • Utilize your Bose Music account to log into the app. Establish yourself as a new user if you don’t already have an account.
  • By adhering to the on-screen instructions, complete the setup process. Give the app permission to use your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Step 2: Connect Your Bose Soundbar

  • Toggle between speakers and soundbars once you’ve reached the app’s main interface.
  • Swipe left to select your Bose soundbar from the list after selecting the Add product option.
  • If you don’t see this option, click the screen’s top-left icon and tap the plus sign to add a device.
  • Locate the Wi-Fi network you want, enter the password, and click “Connect” or “Manually Enter Wi-Fi.”
  • Select the name of your Bose soundbar from the list or enter your own, then click “Next.”

Step 3: Turn on the auto-wake function.

  • The app’s Homepage will appear after clicking “Get Started.”
  • On the app, select the Bose soundbar you just connected.
  • Press “Power” after selecting the “Settings” icon. Turn on “Optical Auto-Wake” by selecting it and selecting “ON.”

It’s all in the setup. The Soundbar will now turn on automatically whenever you turn on your TV. Consequently, a remote control won’t be required any longer.

4. Configure a Universal Remote Control

The market is filled with different universal remote controls. A universal remote can control not all devices. There are numerous devices it can handle. A universal remote is already commonplace among homeowners. The Bose soundbar should be turned on using the original remote; it is the best method. The following form can program the remote:

  • Open “Settings” in the Bose Music mobile app.
  • Select “Advanced” after clicking the “Universal Remote” tab.
  • Tap “Pair New Remote.” Put the batteries back in the universal remote control after 30 seconds of removal.
  • The app will recognize your remote, which will pair with it.
  • When ready, tap “Continue” to control the Bose soundbar.

5. Activate the Power Sync Function

Another helpful feature is the ability to turn on the Bose soundbar without a remote. Power-Sync automatically turns the Soundbar ON/OFF, just like Auto-Wake does.

For instance, when you turn on your TV, the Bose soundbar will do the same, and vice versa. The method to activate this feature is as follows:

  • Launch the Bose Music app on your smartphone and select “Settings” in the top right corner of the display.
  • Toggle the switch to the ON position, select the “Power Sync” button, then click the “Power” tab.
  • The Bose soundbar should then be synced with your preferred connected device. The cable box should be selected by clicking “Sync with TV” or “Sync with Source.”


1. What distinguishes a Bose soundbar from a Bose speaker?

A Bose speaker is a 2.0 configuration, compact, and lightweight device. They are typically Bluetooth speakers, so they cannot provide the TV with excellent sound. On the other hand, a Bose soundbar is a multi-channel device with potent woofers, tweeters, and drives.

2. Why does the remote control for my Bose soundbar, not function?

Replace the batteries in your Bose remote control with new ones if it has stopped functioning. Use only high-quality Alkaline batteries. Examine whether or not the remote’s IR blaster blinks in response to commands. Additionally, keep a safe distance from your Soundbar when using the remote to control it. A soundbar’s IR sensor should not be blocked by anything.

Bottom Line

Bose has long been regarded as a respectable producer because it offers consumers worldwide high-quality products. Some of their best-selling products include soundbars. It does not, however, preclude the possibility of future problems. This article covers five ways to activate a Bose Soundbar without using the supplied remote. One of these techniques can control any Bose Soundbar, even without a button.

In every home, there must be a universal remote control. The universal remote is now a standard item in homes across the country. It would be best if you took care of it to get the most use out of your universal remote. It’s crucial to be aware that various products have various controls, so please consult the owner’s manual for instructions on managing your equipment. Contact the Bose product support team if you continue to experience problems.


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