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Do you live in Los Angeles and want to create something amazing with your voice? Then, accordingly, you need a recording studio. But be careful when choosing because not every recording studio can guarantee high-quality sound and equipment.

Today, in this article, we will reveal where you can best rent a recording studio┬áin Los Angeles, the advantages of this studio, and what special offers you can expect. Are you ready to dive into this mysterious musical world? Stay tuned! We’re about to start!

The epitome of recording excellence in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a place to find inspiration and create a great record, you’re in luck. Our UNION Recording Studio is an ideal option for immersing yourself in a unique workspace where creativity takes center stage. With us, your musical talent can soar because we have no rules about recording your voice.

We understand that restraining or limiting your voice and its recording can turn into a bad result, so in our recording studio, you can feel absolute freedom in expressing ideas and embodying them in a recording.

By the way, we are located at the following address: 7051 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038, which is very convenient for you to visit us.

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Discover the benefits of the UNION Recording Studio

If you visit us, you will receive:

1) Extremely talented sound engineers

Each of our sound engineers in the team is experienced and dedicated to their work. They immerse themselves in the atmosphere of each project so deeply that the final result of the recording can exceed your expectations.

Additionally, our Los Angeles recording studio employs several Grammy Award-nominated sound engineers. Can you imagine how passionate they are about music and striving to provide musicians with the best recording experience?

2) State-of-the-art technology

To achieve the perfect, clear sound that your audience expects, you need to use quality equipment when recording. This can be, for example, microphones, amplifiers, mixing software, speakers, etc. Our company has it all, and what’s more, we constantly update it because we want the recording that takes place in our studio to be perfect with all our hearts.

3) Only positive feedbacks

Every client who cooperates with us has had success either in recording podcasts or releasing an album. We are proud of the fact that famous DJs worked with us; for example, one of them was Slander, famous artists like Lakey Inspired, and others.

4) Round-the-clock support

An artist is one of the most difficult and responsible professions. Creativity plays a huge and fundamental role in this field. And creativity requires ideas that can only be taken from inspiration. Since creativity, like art, has no limits, inspiration can appear at any moment. You may even be reading this article right now and have some brilliant ideas for recording.

We understand all these nuances, which is why we are ready to provide you with 24/7 support. You can contact us at any time! We guarantee you help from our side.

What special offers can I get at UNION Recording Studio?

Our studio has various packages of special offers, the main ones of which are:

1) New Client Special

If you are new to UNION Recording Studio for the first time, then this package will be perfect for you! After all, the first hour for new customers is absolutely FREE! Isn’t that wonderful?


But please note that you will need to book a minimum of session hours

2) Studio Time Block

The next no less popular offer for renting a studio is “Studio Time Block.” Our working days are from Monday to Wednesday. Choosing this service package, you can rent our studio either for 4 hours and pay $100 or for 6 hours for $150. Only you decide what to choose!

3) Night Special

Also, our recording studio has a special offer for those whose inspiration comes at night, not in the morning. If you are exactly that person, then turn to our services for the “Night Special” package. By choosing this offer, you will be able to rent our studio from Monday to Wednesday from 12 am to 9 am. One hour of rental costs $11, if you take 9 hours – then the rental will cost $99.

4) Prepaid Packages

An equally interesting offer that we can offer you is Prepaid Packages. If you buy it, you can save up to $585. For more information click here.

Our door to musical success is open to everyone. Here, your creativity will find a new form, be filled with meaning, and inspire. Get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we will help you make your voice heard around the world.


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