Why is My Jabra Elite 75t Left Earbud Not Working?

Does the connection between your Jabra Elite 75t or Active 75t earbud seem to need to be recovered? There’s no need to freak out; a soft reset might be the answer.

The most common cause of an issue with the left earbud not working is a connection problem. If everything is in order, try holding down the MFB on both earphones for 8 seconds to restart them. You’ll hear a Power Off when they’ve done so. After powering off, press and hold the MFB on both buds for 1 second each to turn them back on. If this does not solve the issue, try resetting the earbuds by pressing and holding the MFB on both buds for 10 seconds.

Jabra Elite 75t Troubleshooting

Put your fingers to the test and work on a broken earpiece! With your fingertips, gently twist the little wire to look for any disconnections or breakage that might be causing the sound to be muffled. You may check its connectivity by placing it into your smartphone; if all else fails, you’ll know where to look first. If this doesn’t work, try removing and reattaching the earpiece from its source. Unscrew the connection, give it a few seconds, and reconnect to see if that helps restore sound quality or resolves any other issue you are having.

Additionally, check for software updates; sometimes, older versions can cause sound quality issues. Make sure your earpiece is compatible with your device and operating system, and consider replacing the earphone if it is too old or not supported anymore.

Don’t be alarmed if you see a flashing red light coming from the charging case after updating the firmware. Simply put, it has to be connected again and reset. Remove your earbuds inside the charging case before closing the shop to do this quickly and easily.

Finally, if you need help with sound quality or the fit of the earbuds, there may be a different issue. If you experience any crackling noise coming from your left bud, try adjusting the volume, as this usually resolves any audio problems associated with improper sound settings. Additionally, check to see if the earbud fits in your ear, which can be done by gently pushing it into the ear and then pulling it out. If your ears feel uncomfortable after extended use, try using a different size of ear tips, as this could improve both sound quality and comfort.

Troubleshooting Tips

Ensure your Bluetooth is turned on and you have the most updated software version for your earbuds and device. Additionally, try resetting the earbuds and turning them off for 15-20 seconds before turning them back on. If the issue persists, contact the customer service department for further assistance.

Reset your Jabra Elite 75t

You can check your earbuds’ power with a 10-second button push. It will be successful when their lights start to flash purple, so keep an eye out for that. Your buds are ready to go now that they have been reset.

Update Software

At times, updating the software of your earbuds can resolve sound quality issues. To update the software on your new earbuds, you will need to download the latest version from the website and follow their instructions for installation. Additionally, be sure to use a certified USB cable for the type of earbuds you have. It will ensure a successful update and better sound quality for your device.

How to Pairing and Impairing Jabra Elite 75t?

If the issue is not solved, try un-pairing and re-pairing the earbuds with your device.

  • Then press and hold both MFBs on the earbuds for 1 second each to enter pairing mode.
  • Choose the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds from your device’s list of Bluetooth devices, then adhere to the prompts to complete pairing.

How to Factory Reset Jabra Elite 75t?

Try performing a factory reset on your earbuds by pressing and holding both MFBs for 15 seconds until you hear Factory Reset. Once complete, pair your Jabra Elite 75t to your device as you did before.        

If you need help with the above steps and you’re still experiencing connection drops, contact Jabra Support for further troubleshooting. Its helpful agents can help you find the best possible solution to your issue.

How to Proper Care Jabra Elite 75t?

The best way to ensure sound quality and longevity is to take proper care of your earbuds. Follow the recommended cleaning instructions and keep your earbuds out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. Additionally, use the included USB charging case to charge your earbuds after every use. It will help maximise their battery life and sound quality.

Remember to maintain the condition of your earbuds. You can be sure they’ll continue to provide you with rich, high-quality sound for many years with proper care for them. Lastly, if your earbuds stop working or you experience audio Issues, take them to an authorised service centre for assistance. That way, you can be sure that they are repaired quickly and correctly by professional technicians.

Extra Tips to Maintain your Left Earbud

Is one of your earbuds malfunctioning? Testing it with a different pair of headphones is the only way there isn’t a device problem. It’s time to have the audio slot serviced if you still have issues. A professional technician can quickly determine the cause, whether it be a problem with the jack or something else. Keep your earbuds clean to ensure sound quality and minimise audio issues over time. With regular cleaning, you can keep dust and other particles away from delicate internal components, helping to extend their lifetime. You have to make sure that you’re using the correct charger and cable connections to avoid any charging issues that could lead to problems. Always read your user manual thoroughly before troubleshooting any technical issue.

With these tips, your device is running again in no time. You should modify the size of your ear tips to guarantee a proper fit. They should be gently pushed into the ear and then slightly twisted to ensure they are fastened. To get the best sound quality, it’s also crucial to pay close attention to how deeply the earbuds pierce your ears. Select your earbuds from the list of devices listed as “Pairing Name” and wait for them to pair.  You can begin listening to music or having phone conversations when the procedure is finished.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Jabra earbuds support dual use?

No, the “to not pause audio” feature only allows you to keep playing in one earbud when one is removed. You can only share these earbuds with your partner if their distance from you is 8 inches.

Why won’t my Jabra headphones charge?

Your charging case may need to be repaired if your Jabra earbuds won’t charge or can’t hold a charge. Your issue might be resolved by starting the case over. To reset the charging case, you should do the following: After putting the earbuds inside the case, plug it in to finish charging.

Are single earbuds acceptable?

You can use either earbud independently. The other earbud can be placed in the charging case when one is being used.


We hope this guide on resolving the issue with your non-functioning Jabra Elite 75t left earbuds has greatly benefited you. But if you have tried the solutions we provided above and are still having issues with your earbuds not working, consider contacting JABRA support.


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