Vizio M Series vs V Series Soundbar – Detailed Comparison

Vizio has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its high-quality, affordably priced soundbars with innovative features. It is very challenging to distinguish which soundbars in Vizio’s catalog are unique because each series of soundbars has an outstanding letter.

Vizio’s latest soundbars come in M-Series and V-Series varieties. At a lower cost than their competitors, they provide an excellent and flexible experience. They are comparable as a result. Soundbars from Vizio’s M-Series are superior to those from the V-Series. M-Series soundbars are ideal for the V-Series in the build quality category, have more features, and support more audio codecs. But when it comes to cost, the V-Series triumphs. Out of the box,  M-Series has a more neutral sound profile and better sound quality. Additionally, it supports Dolby Atmos content and 4K passthrough because it has a full HDMI In port.

Which of these Vizio soundbars is the best choice for someone looking to purchase a soundbar? Before you use your credit card, it’s critical to understand the distinctions between the two. In this article, we compare the Vizio M-Series and V-Series soundbars.

Vizion M-Series vs V-Series

M-Series and V-Series both cater to the same market by providing a mid-range product with various performance features. Although M-Series can boast a few more advanced settings and performance characteristics, both series offer fundamental features.

Design, price, and hardware are all comparable. Although the two lineups lack the upscale appearance of high-end TVs, they are still sleek and contemporary enough to blend in virtually any setting.

Vizio M-Series Soundbar

A complete entertainment system, Vizio M-Series goes beyond a soundbar. It also has a subwoofer and two rear satellite speakers in addition to the bar, with three different drivers to provide full surround sound. When it comes out of the box, the M-Series has a more neutral sound performance and a better surround performance than other TVs in its class. However, it has a Full HDMI In port and can play Dolby Atmos content.

For mixed usage, the Vizio M-Series is excellent. It is a versatile bar that sets itself apart from rival bars due to its affordable price. Bass-heavy genres and action-packed scenes come to life with  M-Series’ rumble in the bass, and its satellites enhance the immersive experience of watching movies.


  • Vizio M-Series is impressive for content with a lot of dialogue, like TV shows and movies. Voices are reproduced clearly and precisely because of the dedicated center channel and balanced mid-range. Even the dialogue enhancement feature is available, which amplifies the volume and makes the voices sound clear. Additionally, you can wirelessly stream podcasts to the bar using Bluetooth technology. Wi-Fi is unfortunately not supported.
  • Music fans should check out M-Series. Because of its neutral sound profile, it is suitable for listening to music from various genres. Additionally, it contains a slight bass boost that will entice listeners who enjoy bass-heavy music. A more thorough graphic EQ is sadly lacking.
  • M-Series is larger and more pronounced than V-Series soundbar. Better engineering is used in M-Series speakers. The M-Series has a slightly thicker fabric and metal grilles to shield the upward-firing speakers.
  • The Vizio M-Series support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Regarding supported audio formats, the Vizio M-Series clearly outperforms the V-Series. Regarding ports and connectivity, M-Series has a second HDMI input and an HDMI eARC port. Conveniently, it has a different HDMI Arc port, which enables it to function as a hub for a Blu-ray player or a gaming console.
  • In terms of multipurpose use, the Vizio M-Series is impressive. Its very neutral sound profile makes it suitable for listening to a wide variety of audio content right out of the box. When watching action-packed movies or listening to bass-heavy music, its dedicated subwoofer gives the bass range a little extra kick. There are dedicated surround speakers included.

Vizio V-Series Soundbar

Generally speaking, the Vizio V-Series packs its televisions with exceptional features considering their cost and V-Series. Fits the bill as the most affordable 4K HDR television available. The company’s SmartCast innovative TV system has a good selection of pre-installed apps and excellent device compatibility. It is perfect for a wide variety of audio content because of its relatively neutral sound profile with a little extra boom in the bass range. For Dolby Atmos content, there is no support. Additional high-end sound enhancement features like room correction and a graphic EQ are also absent.


  • For dialogue-heavy media, such as TV shows, the Vizio is impressive. Voices are reproduced with clarity and detail due to their balanced mid-range. Even a dialogue enhancement feature is available, and TruVolume mode for evening TV viewing levels out the volume.
  • Sports viewing on the Vizio V-Series is only average. The image appears washed out from the sides due to the narrow viewing angle, making it unsuitable for large seating areas.
  • For use as a PC monitor, the V-Series is adequate. It supports most common resolutions, has a low input lag, and can display the proper comma to help make text look more readable. However, its slow response time increases motion blur, and its limited viewing angles cause the screen’s edges to appear inaccurate if you’re seated too closely.
  • The V-Series has excellent audio performance that is very balanced, with perhaps a little extra boom in the bass area. It makes it perfect for a wide range of audio materials. Atmos content, however, is not supported. Additionally absent from this model are room correction and a visual equalizer.
  • The Vizio V-Series offers excellent value, particularly for a budget soundbar. It is provided in some bar-only, bar, and sub, as well as bar and satellite speaker designs.
  • The Vizio V-Series is appropriate for various uses. The soundbar’s fairly neutral sound profile, which has a little extra boom in the bass range, makes it perfect for multiple audio contents. Two discrete surround speakers are included to produce a more engrossing surround sound, and a discrete channel aids dialogue reproduction.
  • The Vizio V-Series is suitable for HDR gaming. Although it has a low input lag, it has a mediocre response time, which makes motion appear blurry, and it doesn’t support any technology that alters the refresh rate to lessen screen tearing. It isn’t bright enough to make highlights stand out and doesn’t play a white color gamut. It, therefore, doesn’t appear much different from SDR.


How well-made is the Vizio soundbar?

Vizio frequently offers the best technology at competitive prices, which is also true of their soundbars. They produce some of the most high-quality 5.1 sound systems available today. Balanced tones make up the sound signature. We tested several Vizio soundbars, and they are all very musical. Consumer electronics are offered with an excellent price-performance ratio.

On Vizio TVs, what does the M-Series mean?

Your money is better spent on M-Series because they perform better and come with a few additional improvements. Everyone’s experience will be improved, especially die-hard gamers, thanks to the improved color production, luminance, and inclusion of FreeSync.

Has Wi-Fi been added to Vizio V-Series?

Although Bluetooth is absent, dual-band Wi-Fi is more than adequate for streaming most content.

What are typical issues with Vizio TVs?

The Vizio TV occasionally has a blank screen even though it is turned on. The display occasionally begins to blink. Sometimes, the TV’s Wi-Fi connection is lost. It occasionally has trouble installing apps. It occasionally doesn’t turn on. The remote control may not function in all cases.

What is the cost distinction between the M and V Series?

V-Series is the more affordable option compared to Vizio M-Series and V-Series. More specifically, models from the V-Series cost 50–100 dollars less than those from the M-Series. Therefore, V-Series TVs are a better choice if cost is one of your top priorities.

Bottom Line

The Vizio M-Series is the better option if you have the money, but if you’re on a tight budget, the Vizio V-Series is a great substitute that will still provide a great viewing experience.

Compared to the Vizio V-Series, the Vizio M-Series is superior. The surrounding performance of the M-series is better, and it has a more neutral sound profile out of the box. Additionally, it can support 4K passthrough and Dolby Atmos content because it has a full HDMI In port. The peak brightness values of M-Series TVs are noticeably better than those of V-Series models. Both the peak SDR and HDR brightness on these TVs are respectable. They can shine brightly enough to combat some glare but not harsher lighting conditions.

However, the V-Series soundbar has a wrong response time, which blurs motion, making it unsuitable for watching television. Large, light rooms with comfortable seating are not conducive to its performance.


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