UeHyperboom vs JblPartybox 310 | Which is Good For you?

The JBL PartyBox 300 and Ultimate Ears Hyperboom are being compared in this review. Although they are both Bluetooth speakers, these two come from various companies. The price range between them and some of their characteristics varies by around $50. Visit the whole evaluation to find out which one is the best purchase for the money.

Hyperboom Ultimate Ears

The newest Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears is called the Hyperboom. These audio files are tremendously loud and feature bass that punches and booms. These Bluetooth speakers are among the most expensive models available on the market. The suggested retail price of these speakers is close to $400.

PartyBox 300 by JBL

The JBL PartyBox 300 is the latest model of the PartyBox 200 Bluetooth speaker, yet it practically appears and sounds the same. These Bluetooth speakers are intended specifically for parties, as their name suggests. With a suggested retail price of about $500, these JBL speakers are likewise in the premium price bracket.

UeHyperboom vs JblPartybox 310 | Detailed Comparison


Hyperboom Ultimate Ears

The Boom and Megaboom’s creators, Ultimate Ears, have unveiled the Hyperboom, a massive speaker product. Given that it is square in form, 14.3 inches in height, and 7.5 inches wide and deep, it weighs 13 pounds.While it could be too bulky for some, the rubber handle, which is simple to pull out, makes it simple to carry. The connectors provide a wide range of options and speaker versatility and are located beneath that handle.

The DC power connector allows you to charge the device or keep it plugged in, as it can recharge for up to 24 hours. You could perhaps use it as a laptop speaker with the auxiliary input, a DIY soundbar with optical input, and a phone charger with a USB charge-out connector.

Four primary portions can be found on the top of the device. A large plus and minus button controls the volume and, when pushed together, displays the battery’s remaining %. The resource inputs are on one end, while the power button is on the other. One and two are used to choose between Bluetooth devices, while the ring and square are used to pick aux and visual input, respectively.

PartyBox 310 by JBL

In terms of size, the Boombox is significantly smaller and lighter than the PartyBox 300, which weighs roughly 40 pounds. You have a lovely carrying grip with a rubberized coating on the speaker. All your buttons—bass boosts, play/pause, volume up/down, light show settings, Bluetooth connection, touchpad, and five LEDs—will be on the side.

JBL Brandon with non-slip rubber stoppers is on the opposite side. Four rubber stoppers and a second carrying handle with the same interior rubber grips are located on the bottom. So, you have the option of mounting this speaker both horizontally and vertically. The identical JBL Brandon speakers with an additional four rubber stoppers are on the opposite side.


Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

With companies like Spotify, Amazon Video, and Itunes, its Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides a 150-foot maximum range. It has adaptive EQ built-in calibration, which analyses your audio surroundings and modifies the music to fit. Additionally, it has EQ settings for base jumps, games, movies, and podcasts.

It is a waterdrop with a frequency range of 45 Hertz to 20 K because while you shouldn’t let it drop into the water, it can withstand an unintentional spill. The internal layout and positioning of the real woofer and tweeter set this speaker apart from the competition.

This speaker is among the top Bluetooth headphones for its cost, design, and sound quality. This speaker is splash-proof, weighs 13 pounds, and features a convenient carry handle. Please avoid using this item in your bathtub since it will be damaged because it is splash-proof rather than waterproof. Consequently, the UE Hyperboom offers some extremely cool features.

It includes an adaptive equalization, which implies that when you mute this device, it recognizes it, and the microphone adapts the audio for the speaker’s position. It is one of its many excellent features.

PartyBox 310 by JBL

You receive the standard manuals, a Beginner Guide Manual, a power cord, and a vehicle charger; this cable is strong and lengthy, so you’re ready to go if you use this speaker at a cookout. The JBL PartyBox 310 has the following features: JBL’s distinctive sound, a light show, portability with a battery pack, inputs for a microphone and a guitar, Bluetooth technology broadcasting, an 18-hour battery life, and a bass booster button for amplifying the bass in your song.

Once the JBL has been powered on, press the pairing button to begin the connection procedure. Next, navigate your phone’s Bluetooth settings and choose the PartyBox 310. It’s quite simple to link two PartyBox 310 units together. Press and hold the connection button on every speaker for five seconds, then release it, and they will instantly link.

Sound Quality

Hyperboom by Ultimate Ears

The EQ-to-base ratio is ideal, the songs sound well and harmonized, and there is no distortion at higher volumes. If the speaker isn’t loud enough, you may combine it with another super boom to create an even louder environment.

PartyBox 310 by JBL

We first evaluated their sound quality at a 50% level with the bass boost switched off, then gradually raised the volume to 100% while activating the bass boost. If you enjoy the sound of the JBL Boombox, you’ll adore this speaker’s sound quality. Just picture a JBL Boombox with RGB lighting that is slightly too loud and has significantly more bass.

UeHyperboom vs JblPartybox 310 PROS & CONS

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom


  • Large sound with powerful bass and excellent clarity
  • At reasonable volume settings, the battery may last up to 24 hours.
  • IP4 grade for water-resistant (splashproof)
  • Excellent Bluetooth wireless reach (up to 150 feet).
  • It is wirelessly connectable with the other UE Boom and Blow-up loudspeakers. The built-in microphone automatically detects the surroundings and adjusts the sound level to fill any indoor or outside area.


  • Costly
  • Neither built-in voice assistance nor wifi
  • It’s not a speaker you want to transport very far at 13 pounds

JBL PartyBox 310


  • With two degrees of bass increase, insanely loud
  • Gain-controllable mic and instruments inputs for singing and live music
  • Strong audio link, whether wired or wifi


  • Huge
  • Intense
  • Costly
  • There are no audio wires provided
  • The mic input is not an XLR


Because the JBL PartyBox 300 and the Ultimate Ears Hyperboom sounds identical and the Hyperboompossesses the required while the PartyBox 310 is not, the Hyperboom is the better bargain. However, the PartyBox 300 costs $50 more than the Hyperboom.


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