Turtlebox vs Demerbox | Which is Best Speaker?

A speaker’s indoor and outdoor audio is very different from one another. When used outdoors or at a campsite, a small, portable Bluetooth speaker with a generally full sound placed on a coffee table or nightstand will probably produce a different quality. To overcome this issue, a speaker usually needs to be quite large. Although Turtlebox isn’t small, it uses a sizable speaker and other tricks to host events outside. Although both speakers provide excellent sound quality, there are a few significant distinctions to consider when deciding between the two.

Turtlebox vs Demerbox: Quick Comparison

Turtlebox and DemerBox offer high-quality sound in a durable and waterproof form factor. However, Turtlebox is more affordable than DemerBox and offers about 20 hours of playtime off a single charge. DemerBox, on the other hand, offers up to 40 hours of wireless freedom and a powerful lithium-ion battery that may last up to 8 weeks on a single charge. DemerBox also has an enhanced sound experience due to its dual-driver speaker system, while Turtlebox only offers a single driver. If you’re looking for more portability and affordability, Turtlebox isthe better choice, as it’s easier to carry around and won’t break the bank. The DemerBox, on the other hand, is a good option if you want a longer battery life and better sound quality. Either way, both products offer great value for money and excellent sound quality for their respective price points.

Turtle Box Outdoor Portable Speaker

Turtlebox is ideal for all your life’s adventures because it is loud, portable, waterproof, and impact resistant. Receive up to 120 dB of noise-free, a crystal-clear sound you can take anywhere. For weatherproof port opening protection, use a waterproof cap with a tether. Hardware made of stainless steel is corrosion-resistant. Any two Turtlebox speakers can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to create true left/right stereo imaging. Rubber feet that are very large and have a comfortable handles.

Loud Speaker

The best option for anyone looking to blast music outside is a pair of turtlebox speakers. Use two powerful loudspeakers to increase your audio immersion and enjoyment. With a strong and dependable portable Bluetooth speaker, stay connected while travelling. You can experience superior sound with up to 120dB of volume and no annoying distortion.

Stereo Sound

No matter how windy or far away the crowd is, you can enjoy your music outside like never before because of its good curve. Every note resounds loud and clear. The power of left-right stereo sound will give you a fantastic listening experience. For an extraordinary listening experience, pair two speakers using Bluetooth.

Built Tough

The speakers from Turtlebox are made to withstand the test of time. This audio equipment is built to last and to withstand shock, so it may be used in any environment, even when swimming or on a mountain top. Your activities won’t end just because it’s raining outside with an IP67-rated waterproof casing.

Get Loud

Are you tired of attending concerts where the music isn’t audible? You can crank up the volume on Turtlebox speakers and take in the performance without being concerned about sound distortion. Experience endless audio that will make your ears dance with ecstasy for hours! Also, the simple-to-use app lets you change the level from anywhere.

Crisp Sound

With advanced audio technology embedded in these speakers, you can be sure that the sound quality will be top-notch. It includes a powerful bass and treble-balanced soundstage with built-in equalisers to make your music experience more enjoyable.

DemerBox Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

DemerBox makes rugged, portable, and waterproof outdoor Bluetooth speakers. Deep Bass, Loud Sound, 40+ Hours of Battery Life, Dry Box with USB Charging,  and Multi-Pairing Party Mode. It is built to Last.                    


DemerBox eliminates the need to worry about disposing of your old portable speaker in a landfill or anywhere else, for that matter. Its speakers can be serviced if necessary and were created with sustainability in mind. It also has extensive field testing worldwide, so you can be sure it is durable enough for any terrain or environment. A charger, 3.5mm aux cable, and a port connector are all included with every purchase, providing an unparalleled audio experience wherever life takes you.

Inbuilt USB Charging

It is the ideal tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It can withstand the most challenging environments because of its robust and resilient construction, which a Pelican case seal protects. With inbuilt USB charging capabilities, your equipment will stay powered throughout any excursion or journey, reaching up to 40 hours between charges. Never again be concerned about the weather, when rain, snow, or hail. Go for it.

Lightweight and Portable

You won’t ever have to worry about needing protection for your necessities during outdoor activities, thanks to DemerBox. This clever bag is not only lightweight and transportable, but it also acts as a watertight haven. When you plug in the port, you can store your belongings securely, knowing they are protected from moisture. It eliminates the concern of the speaker falling overboard or worrying if the rain would harm your assets at that backyard party.

Amazing and Loud Sound

With DemerBox’s amazing sound, you may enjoy your music like never before! Prepare yourself for clear highs and punchy bass that will turn any outdoor area into a party haven, whether with friends or alone. Even with only one speaker turned up to 11, you’ll be sure to draw attention. However, if you connect several speakers, you’ll experience auditory overload and an immersive audio experience ideal for everyone’s next big party.


DemerBox speakers are extremely durable and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about a single drop of rain or accidental spills ruining your speaker. The outer shell is made from aluminium with a rubberised coating, making it extra resistant to the elements.


DemerBox offers more than 40 wireless independence hours and an effective lithium-ion battery. This versatile device can quickly go from virtually empty to completely charged in about 4 hours, making it ideal for impromptu travels.


Does Turtlebox have good bass?

There is no getting around the fact that Turtlebox has succeeded in delivering exceptional audio quality through clear highs and powerful bass. The volume can be turned up as loud as you want, but there is no distortion.

Where are Turtlebox products made?

What began as a side project for four Texans in a Houston garage has developed into a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  Buffalo Bayou and Galveston Bay excursions required a Bluetooth speaker that was both robust and loud, so the first Turtlebox was made for those purposes.

What is the Demerbox’s wattage?

The DemerBoxes are designed for people deployed abroad and require a speaker they can’t damage. A twenty-watt per channel Class D amplifier chip from Maxim is used in the product.

Why is a box needed for speakers?

The speaker enclosure’s primary function is to stop this kind of sound cancellation. It must prevent a midair collision between the sound radiation from the front and the back of the cone.


It ultimately depends on your needs and preferences, as there are pros and cons to both Turtlebox and DemerBox. If you’re looking for portability, affordability, and sound quality, then Turtlebox is the better choice. However, if you want something with increased durability and superior sound quality, then DemerBox is the way to go. It’s built from military-grade materials to withstand almost any wear and tear.

Additionally, it features several advanced audio components that provide an enhanced listening experience. Depending on what you value most in a speaker, Turtlebox or DemerBox can help you get the most out of your music. No matter which speaker you choose, you can be sure that it will provide amazing sound quality and a great user experience.


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