Tozo T6 vs T10 | Which Should You Buy?

The TOZO T6 and TOZO T10 are two earphones made by the same firm that is comparable to each other. Both have a slim, ergonomic style that fits the ear well. They each include Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, making it simple to link them to your device. The T6 and T10 are both excellent speakers in terms of sound quality. The mid-range and treble frequencies are crystal clear, and the bass response is deep. You won’t have to worry about background noise disturbing your music because both earphones include noise isolation. With positive customer feedback, these earbuds are among the best-selling products on the market.

Tozo is a well-known earphone brand. Their items will provide dependable performance for a very long period, so you can rely on them. You won’t have to wait too long to reactivate your earbuds because they offer quick charging capabilities. In this article, we will contrast Tozo T6 and T10 in terms of their differences. We will discuss these earbuds’ design, sound quality, battery life, and other important aspects.

TOZO T6 and TOZO T10: Quick Comparison

Are you seeking a genuine listening experience? The TOZO T6 and the T10 are both excellent choices. You can enjoy hands-free calling with its built-in microphone for up to 6 hours of playback using the traditional 3-button control mechanism. When you choose touch controls on the convenient TOZO T10, you may increase your musical experience and get an additional 10 hours of battery life.

The TOZO T6 is an in-ear headphone with a design that fits firmly and comfortably in your ear canal. During strenuous activity, the T10’s hook design prevents them from falling out of your ears. Both earphones include the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology and offer strong bass, crisp treble, and an even soundstage. The TOZO T6 is made with an IPX8 waterproof grade for physical durability to guard against sweat and water damage.

Two separate earphones from TOZO with unique features are the T10 and T6. The former offers the best Bluetooth 5.3, wireless charging case, IPX8 waterproof construction, quality sound with deep bass, and sports-appropriate functionality; the latter offers accurate wireless technology, touch control, and a complete audio experience all in one. Decide today to lose yourself delightfully in music.


You can experience cutting-edge audio with TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds. No matter where you travel, you can enjoy loud bass, excellent audio, and IPX8 waterproof durability. The rechargeable charging case makes long trips more convenient, and hands-free calling is made possible by built-in microphones. Make every moment a sound adventure with TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.3 Wireless Earbuds, whether you’re working out or doing errands. With up to 12 hours of battery life and quick charging technology, these earbuds will keep your music going all day.

High-Definition Sound

Utilize the TOZO T10 Earbuds for excellent sound quality. With a massive 1.77 times more significant speaker driver than the norm, you can anticipate powerful bass that goes down to 16 Hz and crystal clear trebles up to 20 kHz, giving you an incredibly vivid musical experience unlike any other.

IPX8 Waterproof Design

With these waterproof IPX8 earphones, enjoy exceptional sound quality! You may be confident that some perspiration or rain won’t affect your hearing thanks to the inner Nano-ability coating’s to endure depths of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. No matter the weather, enjoy worry-free music—ergonomic design to stay comfortable during long periods of use.

Advanced Noise Isolation Technology

A new listening experience is provided by noise cancellation technology to eliminate external noise. The ergonomic design allows the earphones to sit comfortably and securely in your ears, creating the ideal seal to block outside sounds without feeling stiff or uncomfortable.

Long Battery Life

With a single charge lasting more than 10 hours, you can disconnect from the grid and enjoy the utmost portability. You may play for up to 45 hours with the charging case. By eliminating all those cumbersome wires, you can quickly recharge your device through USB or wirelessly in only 1.5 hours, giving you the convenience of no-strings-attached use.

Bluetooth 5.3 Technology

The TOZO T10 Earbuds include ground-breaking Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which offers flawless transmission and quick connection for outstanding music experiences with no interruptions. Enjoy excellent wire-free listening and constant peace of mind.

Couple in One Motion

The power of one-step pairing is in your hands. You may start listening to your favorite music in just a few seconds after removing two headsets from their charging cases and allowing them to connect automatically. It’s simply a connection that will transform how we use our music players.


  • Outstanding construction.
  • Outstanding voice and audio quality.
  • It works well outdoors because of its fully waterproof design.
  • Simple and practical charging


  • The equalizer is not set.
  • It takes a room in your pocket to carry the carrying/charging case.


Utilize the TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds for a great audio experience. You can listen to your favorite music even when it’s raining, thanks to IPX8 water resistance and the most recent Bluetooth 5.3 technology, which also supports touch controls and seamless connectivity. No more tangled connections with a wireless charging case; unwrap it for up to 24 hours of playback. An unparalleled listening experience is what you get when you combine immersive stereo audio quality with deep bass capabilities. The TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds allow you to enjoy your music at its most authentic level. You’ll never view music the same way again if you don’t give it a try right now.

Battery Life

You can recharge your device very quickly in just 55 minutes by cable or in 2 hours wirelessly, so you don’t even need to worry about cords or cables. Enjoy convenient power while traveling without sacrificing your time spent listening to music.

Advanced Touch Control

It’s as simple as tapping to play or pause music and take calls, double-tapping to skip ahead or backward, and holding down a button to change the volume. Life is made more accessible by the simplicity of controlling audio without ever having to unlock your cellphone.

IPX8 Waterproof

While taking a dip in the pool, listen to your favorite music. IPX8 waterproof earphones and charging case are Nano-coated to protect against water up to 1 meter deep, making them the perfect accessories for water sports or a strenuous workout. Furthermore, they can be cleaned with soap and water, so feel free to work out in peace at the gym.

5.3 Technologies Bluetooth

With Bluetooth 5.3 technology, upgrade to the most recent and most excellent. Support for four main protocols—HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP—TOZO T6 offers a lightning-fast, low-latency listening experience while offering a sonic improvement never before heard in TOZO products.

Couple in one motion

You can connect to your favorite songs quickly with the one-step pairing. You can then play all the available music by clicking a button in your phone’s Bluetooth settings.


  • Even at maximum volume, the audio is crystal clear.
  • Rich sound
  •  IPX8 water resistance rating
  •  Bluetooth charging
  • Comfortable fit
  • Convenient touch controls


  • Delicate touch controls
  • There is no active noise cancellation

TOZO T10 or TOZO T6: Which One is Better?

The TOZO T6 provides a superior audio experience to the TOZO T10 because it supports four significant protocols. For people who want a more straightforward appearance and fewer functions, though, the TOZO T10 is a terrific option. The T10 offers a reasonable level of sound quality and is portable thanks to its lightweight, fashionable design. Both pairs of headphones are fantastic choices for people who wish to enjoy high-quality music without spending a fortune.

To guarantee a continuous listening experience, the TOZO T6 is designed with an improved Bluetooth chipset. The headphones include a charging box to make it simpler for customers to charge while on the go. Pick the one that best suits your style because it has a stylish design and comes in various colors. They also have adjustable ear tips and a soft neckband for everyday comfort. The TOZO T6 is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to enjoy excellent audio without breaking the bank, thanks to its impressive sound quality and cutting-edge features.

The TOZO T6 and TOZO T10 are two of the most excellent true wireless earbuds available today, thanks to their distinctive qualities. The TOZO T10 has more outstanding sound quality, but the TOZO T6 is comfier and has a longer battery life.


Is waterproofing present in TOZO T6 and T10?

The T6 is completely waterproof and suitable for swimming and other activities thanks to its IPX8 rating. Running and other outdoor activities can be done with the T10 because it has an IPX 7 rating, making it water-resistant.

Can I fall asleep wearing my TOZO earbuds?

According to our research, the TOZO 10s are the top wireless earbuds for sleeping. Not only do these flawlessly engineered Bluetooth earbuds have a very strong wireless connection, but they are also incredibly cozy to wear.


Tozo T6 is the newer version of Tozo T10. The Tozo T6 was an attempt by the company to improve some features in terms of size (for greater comfort), control (such as the touch button and volume control), some issues with noise blocking, and others. Therefore, we advise choosing Tozo T6 if the price is not a concern. Tozo T10 are still good earbuds, so avoid touch buttons.


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