Soundbar Mount Ideas

Sound Mount Ideas is a range of products that deliver audio solutions for mounting soundbars and other audio equipment to walls, ceilings, and other surfaces. These products enhance the audio performance in any room and are created to be simple to install, strong, and aesthetically pleasing.

Soundbars have become increasingly popular in recent years as they offer a simple and affordable way to upgrade your home theater experience without breaking the bank. However, with most soundbars not coming with mounting brackets, finding the right solution for your setup can take time and effort. Fortunately, securing soundbars, subwoofers, and other audio components to your wall or ceiling is simpler with various mounting options.

The Best Place for your Soundbar

A few creative solutions are available if you have a soundbar that needs to be mounted. Explore some of these clever mounting ideas and enjoy the perfect audio experience.

Wall Mounting

Wall mounting your soundbar is the most common and efficient way to get optimum audio quality. You’ll see the trend for floor-to-ceiling joinery in even the most minimalistic rooms. The TV, soundbar, books, records, and other items are all arranged in this space to give the room’s layout a sense of order. No one would be the wiser if you plugged in one of the greatest surround sound systems. These feature walls, ideal for more modern decor, look great in open-concept kitchens, opulent living spaces, and subterranean theatres. A media wall keeps your living area tidy, contemporary, and clean.

The best part about a media wall is that you don’t have to purchase extra furniture or take up valuable square footage. It can often fit in the corner of any room, and you can control your soundbar from the same remote as your television. Having a media wall means you won’t have cords running across the room and a jumble of cables that are difficult to manage. Instead, your cords will be hidden away in cabinets or behind walls, giving your living space an uncluttered look.

Ceiling Mounting

It is a great option if your room has high ceilings and you want to install a soundbar. You can produce a fully immersive home theatre experience by putting your soundbar on the ceiling. Add a subwoofer for an even stronger bass to take things further.

Feature Lighting to Enhance your Soundbar

Adding accent lighting behind or around your soundbar can enhance the audio experience. It can create a mood for watching movies, gaming, and listening to music by creating an interesting visual effect. Feature lighting can also draw attention away from cords and cables, helping you look neat in any room.

Feature lighting is a simple way to upgrade your audio setup, whether you choose LED strips, rope lights, or colored spotlights. Your soundbar can have amazing looks and sounds with just a few easy steps and some creative thinking. The sky’s the limit when adding feature lighting and creating an immersive audio experience. The use of feature lighting can improve any audio setup in various ways, whether you’re going for subdued mood lighting or striking visuals.

●      Customized Shelves or Cabinet

Use standard furniture or get crafty and modify items to accommodate the installation of a soundbar. But remember that not all placements guarantee the best audio quality, as some echo levels may be higher when placed on a table or cabinet instead of being fixed to walls.  Accept only the best conditions; choose the ideal setting for the best listening experience.

●      Positioning your Soundbar

Place the soundbar in front of or below the television for optimal sound projection. Avoid placing it on the TV, which creates an echo effect that can reduce audio quality. For better performance, please keep it away from walls and other obstructions. You should also leave at least 6 inches of space between the soundbar and any other electronics, such as a receiver or DVD player. When possible, use the mounting brackets that come with the unit to mount it on walls for better clarity.

●      Subwoofer Placement

If you have a subwoofer accompanying your soundbar, place it near the bar. It will ensure that the bass and treble frequencies meld together for a richer sound. Avoid placing it against a wall, which can cause an echo effect and reduce audio quality. Also, keep the subwoofer away from other speakers and electronics, as this could cause interference. Additionally, try to place it on a solid surface, such as a rug or foam matting, to help dampen vibrations that can cause distortion.

●      Soundbar Placement

When placing your soundbar, avoid putting it in the back of the room, as it may muffle the sound coming from your television and other speakers. Instead, try placing it directly below or above the TV to get the most out of its surround sound capabilities. Keep it off of walls for better acoustics and to prevent feedback looping.

●      Surround Sound Placement

To ensure that the sound is dispersed evenly throughout the space and for proper surround sound, satellite speakers should be placed at ear level and about 6 feet apart. Subwoofers should be placed at least 8 inches away from walls and other surfaces to avoid distortion.  The center channel speaker needs to be at least 8 inches from the TV and directly in front of or behind it. The rear surround sound speakers should also be positioned directly behind the seating area or leveled off to the sides at about 3-5 feet to the sides. You’ll quickly enjoy your home theater setup if you follow these suggestions.

●      Aesthetics

Regarding aesthetics, it’s important to keep the overall look in mind. Choose a speaker design that complements the room’s décor and makes it look aesthetically pleasing. You can also get creative with customized speaker stands, wall mounts, or even painted speakers for a more personalized touch.

Avoid Putting the Soundbar in Places

  • Near heaters/radiators
  • In direct sunlight
  • Close to any electronic appliances
  • Close to a window, particularly one that opens and closes

Remember to use quality cables, such as HDMI and digital optical, and keep them out of sight as much as possible. Try hiding the cables behind furniture or along walls. If you need more confidence installing wires, you can always call an expert. Setting up the soundbar is a straightforward process that can elevate your home theater experience. With careful consideration, you can create a custom sound system to make all your movies and games come alive.

What is Better, a Sound Bar or a Surround Sound System?

A soundbar can serve as a full surround-sound system, so keep that in mind. According to Dean Hayward, head of sound devices at Samsung Electronics, “Home Theater Kits are no longer as popular as they once were.”

“The true advantage of a soundbar is to produce a lot of sound with many channels, whether with a single soundbar or a soundbar combined with an additional subwoofer,” says the author. You can also buy soundbars with rear speakers, like the Samsung HW-Q950A, which provides impressive cinematic sound.

What Should I Consider Buying a Soundbar?

Edifier, an audio company, advises the following when purchasing a soundbar:

1. To determine how powerful your soundbar is, look at the overall power output and acoustic setup. Check to see if a separate subwoofer is included or if one is built in.

2. Do the sound effects and quality match the experience you’re looking for?

3. To ensure the input and output meet your daily requirements, look at the connector type.

4. Make sure your soundbar will blend in with your decor and TV by paying attention to its style, color, and material.


How should a soundbar be mounted?

Soundbars should be mounted above or below your TV, as close to it as possible. They can be mounted to the wall with brackets or placed so that they stand on a cabinet or table underneath the TV.

Do soundbars sound better when mounted?

Soundbars look good mounted on the wall and work best there to improve the audio on your TV as part of your living room TV ideas. You won’t get the best sound quality by mounting them inside a cabinet because there are so many fires sounds in the wrong direction.

Which position on the TV should the soundbar be mounted?

The best experience is achieved by placing the sound bar at the ear level. Place the sound bar’s main unit above the table, directly beneath the center of your TV.


In addition to looking good when mounted on the wall as part of your living room TV ideas, soundbars work best there because that is where their best placement for enhancing TV audio is. You can be sure to hear the soundtrack clearly and crisply, exactly as the director intended, by eliminating artifacts that degrade the sound quality and mounting the soundbar on the wall.


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