Sonos Arc vs Sennheiser Ambeo | Whats the Difference?

The most well-known soundbars are the Sonos ARC and Sennheiser Ambeo. However, this article can be helpful if you need assistance choosing between Sennheiser Ambeo and Sonos Arc. They are both industry titans in audio, offering superior sound to the other.

Both the Sonos Arc and the Sennheiser Ambeo are extremely high-end standalone bars. Due to the Sennheiser’s built-in subwoofer, the low-bass range is extended. Additionally, unlike Sonos, it offers a graphic EQ, a Full HDMI port, and more wireless playback options. The Sonos’ superior construction and improved soundstage performance are a help. It features bass and treble controls, unlike the Sennheiser. Sonos also has built-in support for voice assistants.

Sonos ARC vs Sennheiser Ambeo: Which Soundbar Is Better?

Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbars cannot compare to the sound quality of  Sonos Arc. Sonos Arc can manage gaming audio setups and handle sound quality superior to Sennheiser’s Ambeo soundbar. The Sonos Arc soundbar’s signature is cleaner and more balanced than previous models.

Despite not having a subwoofer, the Sonos Arc soundbar outmatches the Sennheiser Ambeo regarding sound clarity. The Sennheiser Ambeo does have satellite speakers and a subwoofer, so it may not lack the complete speaker configuration. Subwoofers are included with the Sennheiser Ambeo, which can be placed below the TV or on the wall. It supports Chromecast so that users can benefit from playback.

Sonos ARC

Sonos Arc is the brand’s most extensive and currently top-performing soundbar. Ahead of any other soundbar, it also braced Dolby Atmos. Numerous drivers on the soundbar enable it to produce high-quality audio. It has upward-firing speakers to make sure the sound is alluring and rational. It has some shortcomings in addition to its design. It does, however, perform exceptionally well in general.


Build Quality and Design

Subwoofers and satellite speakers are not included with the Sonos Arc. The design works best with larger TVs with screens at least forty-five inches in size, if not more. The soundbar does not have a powerful speaker setup. Two of the woofers from the Sonos arc are fixed to the soundbar’s top. There are fewer but no additional HDMI inputs.

Sonos Arc has eight oblong subwoofers, three silk tweeters, and eleven drivers. Two drivers are placed on either speaker’s side to allow sound to bounce off the walls and ceiling.

The Sonos Arc allows for Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it is possible to link it to the Internet using wired connections like Ethernet. Using its HDMI inputs, the soundbar can be attached to a TV. Although a remote is not included, after seamlessly connecting it, the sound on the soundbar can be controlled using the TV remote.

Sound Quality

The Sonos Arc’s audio quality is excellent and impressive. It produces sounds that are natural and has a large soundstage. Sonos Arc provides an excellent bass response. The Sonos arc and Trueplay software are compatible. Only iOS-compatible devices can do it. The sounds it offers are always guaranteed to be organic. The bass is fantastic and not very deep.

The Sonos Arc is fantastic for content with a lot of dialogue, like TV shows. With the help of its distinct center channel, voices can be precisely located throughout the soundstage. Despite a slight increase in treble brightness, dialogue is produced with reasonable clarity and accuracy.

Other  Features

A built-in IR receiver is part of the Sonos Arc. It enables you to manage some features, including speaker volume. You can adjust the volume, pause or resume the music, and silence the microphone with the touch of a finger. One can quickly advance or rewind the playlist by swiping it on the speaker’s surface.

An LED light on the Arc will indicate the speaker’s current status. Additionally, the brightness is adjusted depending on how well-lit the space is. However, it doesn’t have a remote control; users can configure or control it using the Sonos app.


1. A clean, solidly constructed design

2. The iOS platform has a room correction feature

3. Minimal audio lag

4. Supports Atmos

5. Outstanding stereo soundstage

6. Versatile

7. Rich, intense audio


1. Bulky

2. Lack of Bluetooth support

3. Compression artifacts when the volume is maximal

4. There is no full EQ

5. No full HDMI In

6. On newer TVs, Dolby Atmos has some limitations.

Sennheiser Ambeo

Despite the Sennheiser soundbar’s high price, it is worth every penny spent on it. It offers top-notch Dolby Atmos audio. Since the sound can reflect off the walls and the ceilings, the space feels more enclosed. It has lots of beautiful qualities. Positioning the soundbar may cause some stress, which is the only drawback.


Build Quality and Design

Sennheiser Ambeo is a substantial speaker. It is fitted with extensive devices to ensure a more comprehensive frequency range. However, given the size of the house, positioning decisions may be


The grille has a wraparound on both the front and sides. A cloth-covered grill is used. On the show, the center of the device contains a LED. The panel also features an illuminated Ambeo logo. The central committee, which operates the soundbar’s mute, volume, and playback, is also present.

The soundbar has a panel with numerous connections on the posterior side of it. Additionally, there are USB ports, a power cable, an ARC output, HDMI inputs, and USB ports. The HDMI cable that comes with the Sennheiser Ambeo is included.

Sound Quality

Amplifier power for the soundbar is 500 watts. Both subwoofers and drivers supply excellent audio in addition to the amplifier. Numerous fantastic features, including Dolby Atmos, are supported by the speaker. By converting 5.1 audio signals, it creates the illusion of 3D. Well-textured, natural sounds are provided by the Sonos Arc. The sound does not distort at very high volumes, and the bass response is excellent.

Other Features

Remote control is included with the Sennheiser Ambeo. Among the remote control, features are power buttons, Bluetooth compatibility, Chromecast, and travel navigation controls. Additionally, there are buttons for the source and the volume. You can switch between the soundbar’s six modes: news, sports, music, movies, and neutral. Using Wi-Fi connectivity enables wireless streaming.

A fine-tuned mic is included in the soundbar quiet to measure the device’s acoustics, which calls for numerous setups. Sennheiser offers an intelligent control app that enables additional functionality. One can modify listening modes with the help of the application. Utilizing the available EQ settings, the sounds can be changed. With Chromecast, a playback option is also available.


1. Powerful sounds

2. Detailed and lively sound design

3. Effective surround-content performance

4. A well-made design


1. The bass performance is disappointing, especially when listening to stereo content

2. Bulky

3. Quite Expensive

4. Positioning issues are possible


1. What makes Sonos Arc so excellent?

Sonos Arc soundbar has a fantastic stereo soundstage. The side-firing speakers, which reflect sound from the walls to the listener, give the impression that it is larger than the bar itself. One can quickly identify where the sound objects are coming from on the soundstage, thanks to the excellent focus.

2. Is Sonos Arc compatible without Wi-Fi?

Sonos speakers won’t function the same without a Wi-Fi network. These speakers need a network to connect the control device, the speaker network, and between the speakers. The speaker can only be used as a standalone device if there is no Wi-Fi connection.

3. Describe Ambeo Mode?

The soundbar demonstrates its immersive magic when Sennheiser Ambeo is used in 3D modes. The strength with which the soundbars can blend a stereo sound into the impression of surround sound can be controlled by turning them on or off in one of three modes: light, boost, or standard.

4. Can Dolby Atmos be used on a PC?

Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 both support Dolby Atmos. As a platform-level solution for spatial sound, Microsoft has developed Microsoft Spatial Sound. It works with Dolby Atmos-capable soundbars, TVs, and home theater systems.

Bottom Line

Sennheiser Ambeo and  Sonos Arc are excellent soundbars supporting Dolby Atmos. The audio quality at your place can be significantly improved using the two soundbars. When compared to Sennheiser Ambeo, the Sonos Arc performs better when it comes to soundbars.

It is due to the exceptional and awe-inspiring sound that Sonos Arc offers. It offers a variety of modes, allowing users to select the one most appropriate for their ongoing audio listening circumstances. Sonos ARC supports numerous additional features. The drivers it contains allow for the highest quality audio possible.

It might be a great replacement if you have the funds to pay for  Sennheiser Ambeo. There is only one problem with these two speakers: their design makes them very bulky and may make installation challenging.


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