Skar Audio vs Sundown | Which is Good For You?

There are a select number of significant companies in the subwoofer sector. Sundown Audio and Skar Audio are two of the most well-known companies.  Each business produces high-quality goods with outstanding functionality. But which is superior? Over the years, that issue has generated a lot of discussion. We’ll examine both brands and make a side-by-side comparison in this article.

Due to better quality controls and higher-quality components, Sundown Audio offers products of higher quality than Skar. Budget brand Skar Audio is known for using less expensive Chinese components and creating products of lower caliber. 

Skar isn’t typically suggested for professional audio setups because of its poor reputation in some circles. Skar is fine if you need something inexpensive for a side project because they have some good deals, but Sundown is a better option if you want a more professional setup. In other words, Sundown is better if you take your car audio seriously. 

Quick Comparison: Skar Audio and Sundown Audio

AudioSkar and Sundown Audio are two of the most popular subwoofer brands today. Both companies specialize in producing high-quality, robust bass solutions for car audio systems. When comparing these two brands, it is essential to consider their strengths and weaknesses to decide which one will best suit your needs.

The Skar Audio and Sundown speakers offer excellent sound quality for budget-minded consumers and audio enthusiasts alike. The Skar Audio provides a broader frequency range but is slightly less efficient than the Sundown. The Sundown is more efficient but has a limited frequency range. Both are built to last and offer good value for money. Both speakers offer excellent performance and can provide a powerful sound experience with clear audio playback. The Skar Audio offers more options regarding frequency range and power output, while the Sundown provides a more efficient but limited frequency response. Depending on the user’s needs, either speaker can provide an excellent sound experience at an affordable price.

Skar Audio

Skar Audio is a reputable car audio equipment manufacturer based in Florida. Two audiophiles who weren’t happy with the performance and quality of the products on the market founded the business in 2011.

Some of the best car audio installers in the world use the company’s products, and discerning audiophiles adore them. It uses only the best components available and designs and manufactures every one of its products in-house. Its goal is to produce products with superior performance, dependability, and soundness at competitive prices.

Power System

The 12-inch Dual 2-ohm Car Subwoofer will make your heart race with sound. This powerful audio system has a peak power of 1,200 watts and an RMS Power of 600.

4-Layer Voice Coils

Its two 4-layer High-Temperature Copper voice coils also give you the extra punch you need to feel every beat inside your automobile. It enhances the clarity of all genres, including EDM and rock music bangers, with Fs: 32 Hz performance included as standard.


The High Roll Foam Surround and Competition Grade Pressed Paper Cone produce a clean sound. This powerhouse features a robust high flux ferrite motor and an intelligent airflow cooling design to provide the best audio quality possible. Benefit from a frequency response that ranges from deep lows at 22 Hz up to soaring highs at 300 Hz, as well as an extraordinary sensitivity of 84.7 dB.

Unique Frequency

Its competition-grade pressed paper cone will deliver astounding sound quality. Hear its unique frequency response range from 22 Hz – 300 Hz and a high sensitivity rating of 84.7dB for genuinely immersive listening sessions without distorted audio.

High Flux Ferrite Motor

The Paper Cone’s high flux ferrite motor improves transient response, ensuring accurate and tight bass. Its superior power handling capabilities will ensure your sound stays true even at the highest volume.

Sundown Audio

In 2009, Sundown Audio, an Australian manufacturer of high-end speakers, was established.  From the entry-level A-Series to the top-of-the-line DS-Series, the company produces a variety of speakers.

Their speakers’ audio characteristics can be categorized as “neutral.” Depending on the model, size, construction material, etc., their price range varies from $99 to $4999.  This puts them on par with other well-known brands at the appropriate price points.

They are best known for producing items that, while not necessarily expensive, provide audiophiles with a better listening experience than most commonly found off-the-shelf, non-special speakers.


Its high Electrical Q Factor (0.50) and Mechanical Q Factor (4.92), combined with its DC resistance of 6.1, Resonance Frequency of 38.3 Hz, and Equivalent Volume of 13.2 L, provide the listener with astonishing sound quality.  Resulting in a remarkable total Q factor of 0.45 and a further Force Factor BL of 30 NA.

Powerful Motor

Sundown Audio has designed this speaker with a robust high-flux ferrite motor for superb audio quality. Benefit from an exceptional sensitivity of 84.7 dB while enjoying a frequency response that spans from profound lows at 22 Hz to soaring highs at 300 Hz.

Lightweight Construction

It is incredibly lightweight, making it ideal for all installations. You can easily mount this speaker in virtually any location with no difficulty.

Durable Design

It is designed to last and won’t disappoint you when it gets tough! With a strong Polypropylene cone and heavy-duty Nickel plated spring-loaded terminals, this speaker is built to withstand the test of time.

High-Efficiency Design

Enjoy higher efficiency from your audio system with the Sundown Audio Flux Ferrite motor. Immerse yourself in sound without having to use excessive power. Pros

Which is Superior: Skar Audio vs. Sundown?

Skar Audio and Sundown Audio offer high-quality speakers that will deliver great sound at an affordable price. However, the two brands have different strengths – while Skar is known for its powerful performance and deep bass response, Sundown is renowned for its durability, efficient design, and clear sound.

Your preferences and needs should ultimately determine which brand you choose. On the other hand, Sundown Audio might be your best choice if you need a robust speaker that can fit in a small space. Both companies offer high-quality speakers that will make any listening experience enjoyable.


Why are Skar Audio Products Cheap?

Skar produces inexpensive goods because they are built with low-cost Chinese components. Skar occasionally purchases inexpensive Chinese-made products and simply adds its branding to them.  Although it sells inexpensive products, you should carefully read these items’ reviews to ensure they live up to their claims.

Is Skar Audio high quality?

Skar Audio is indeed of high quality. Although it might not be the most upscale brand available, they have great value for the money and offer many products.

Exactly how did Sundown Audio begin?

Sundown began in Fuller’s garage in 2006. At first, the company only sold 80 different subwoofer models and had 15 employees. In 2013, it moved to a 100,000-square-foot warehouse from a 30,000-square-foot building.


Skar and Sundown are excellent subs, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Skar is a solid choice for a subwoofer with excellent low-end response and punchy bass.

On the other hand, Sundown might be a better option if you want a sub with a more extended bass response and higher output capacity. Therefore, do your research and select the subwoofer that best suits your requirements.


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