Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC not Working – Fixed

The Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a feature found on some of Samsung’s soundbars. It allows you to connect your TV and soundbar directly, sending audio from the TV now to the soundbar with no additional cables or connections needed. However, the Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC feature may not always work as expected. If you have an issue where the soundbar is not being recognized or won’t play audio from your TV, there are a few troubleshooting steps to help resolve the problem.

Common Problems with Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC

Unfortunately, like many pieces of technology, the Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC can have issues. These can range from your soundbar not connecting to the TV to only certain music and audio playing through your soundbar or even no sound coming through.

●    HDMI ARC is not Connected

One of the most common issues with the Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC is the connection needing to be recognized. Ensure that your TV and soundbar are up-to-date — usually, this will involve downloading an update from either your device settings or an app. Also, ensure the HDMI cable connecting your devices is firmly plugged in and not damaged.

Unlock the potential of your Samsung TV in just a few easy steps.

  • Press Home on the remote
  • Choose Settings->General
  • The External Device Manager
  • For new devices connected via the HDMI ARC port
  • Enable Anynet+ or HDMI CEC.

●    Update your Sound System

If you’re using a compatible soundbar, Samsung’s HDMI ARC feature will allow your sound system to be automatically detected and controlled with the TV remote. Ensure that your soundbar and TV are up-to-date to take advantage of this functionality. It is usually done by downloading an update through the device’s settings or an app on your compatible mobile device.

  • Once updated, use the remote to navigate to the TV’s settings menu
  • Choose Audio-> Sound Output
  • Select HDMI ARC as the sound mode.

●    New HDMI Cable is Needed

If you want to use HDMI ARC, purchase an HDMI cable compatible with the feature. This type of cable has a special connector at one end, which enables it to support Audio Return Channel (ARC). Once the new cable is connected, turn on your TV and soundbar and follow the steps above to set up HDMI ARC.

Consult your soundbar’s user manual or contact customer service if you need assistance choosing a good line.

  • First, choose Support
  • Device Care
  • Self-diagnostics by hitting the Home button on your Samsung remote.
  • Afterward, select Information Signal
  • Then Signal History
  • Lastly, choose “HDMI Delay Level” to end the lengthy troubleshooting process.

●    Changing the Audio Output Setting

If you are still having difficulty, try changing the audio output settings on your TV. These can typically be adjusted in the television’s settings menu.

  • Ensure that the soundbar is set to the same input as your TV and that any external device connected to the soundbar is also turned on.
  • Additionally, confirm that you have selected the correct input source on your TV and soundbar.
  • Finally, check for any loose cables that may have been disconnected due to a move or other circumstances.

Other Fixes for Samsung Soundbar HDMI ARC Issues

  • Check the HDMI version of your TV, as it needs to be at least version 2.0 or higher to support ARC.
  • Make sure to utilize a High-Speed HDMI cable approved by HDMI Licensing LLC (this will ensure the highest quality and reliability in data transfer).
  • Power cycles your Samsung soundbar and TV to reset any connections.
  • Check the Sound Output settings on your TV, as some can turn off the internal speakers. It can cause conflicts with the HDMI ARC connection.
  • If you still have difficulty, ensure that both devices (your Samsung soundbar and TV) support the Audio Return Channel (ARC) feature.
  • If your TV does support ARC, ensure it is enabled in the settings menu on your TV and soundbar.
  • Ensure you have connected the HDMI cable securely to both devices and check for any bent pins or other damage to the cable.
  • Lastly, try using a different HDMI cable to see if the issue is with the old one. If that does not work, you may need to take your TV and soundbar to a repair shop for further diagnosis.

Following these simple steps, you can connect and enjoy your Samsung soundbar with your TV without too much trouble. If the issue persists, please contact a qualified technician for further assistance.


Some audio problems with Samsung TVs can be resolved by following a few simple steps. To begin, enable the Anynet+ option, which activates all HDMI devices connected to your TV and allows you to control them all with a single remote.

If using a coaxial cable, ensure it’s connected to your TV’s ARC/HDMI input. Check whether your soundbar’s ‘AUDIO OUT’ option is enabled or set to HDMI ARC (consult your user or instructions manual).

Many users report HDMI ARC issues when using a third-party cable or connecting to a third-party device or even their PC.

Following these steps, you can enjoy your Samsung soundbar with your TV. If you still have issues, don’t hesitate to contact your local Samsung service center or our Customer Care team for further assistance. We hope that this article helped resolve any problems you may have encountered.


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