Rockville USS 10 vs Rockville RW10CA | Which is Good For You?

When it comes to sound quality, Rockville is renowned. Rockville is well-known for its outstanding audio quality. It is an American audio business with a focus on auto stereos. They have an excellent reputation regarding the audio quality they include with their products. Their designers and engineers work hard to deliver the best quality at reasonable prices. The sub will meet long-term requirements for loud, beautifully layered car audio.

Customers who use their subwoofers are not let down. The Rockville subwoofers meet all criteria for an under-seat subwoofer, including slim profile, boosted power, and nuanced bass. Rockville produces high-quality goods, so if you’re looking for a good product at a reasonable price, Rockville is worth looking into.

The stereo system’s sound quality is more significant than anything else. Everybody wants a subwoofer that delivers a powerful low-end punch while enhancing and clarifying the sound in all genres. It would be best if you didn’t accept a subwoofer with lackluster effectiveness or poor sound quality with the wrong slim subwoofer.

We’ll examine the characteristics that distinguish the Rockville USS 10 and Rockville RW10CA article from the competition and any potential drawbacks.

Rockville USS 10 vs Rockville RW10CA: Which One Is Better?

The USS10 is an all-in-one option that will give your car the best bass sound without taking up a lot of room. It fits under the seat without difficulty. Installation and writing are quick and straightforward because the amplifier is built right in. Accurate all-in-one subwoofer system with a built-in premium amplifier and subwoofer inside the enclosure.

Alternatively, the RW10CA is a slim, low-profile car subwoofer that provides loud and high-quality setups. The installation is flawless, and the bass is powerful. Few wires are needed to install the subwoofer because of its slim design, which fits perfectly under most car seats. The Rockville RW10CA will generally satisfy the requirements of an experienced listener looking for high quality at a reasonable price.

Rockville USS 10

The Rockville USS10 is a space-efficient, all-in-one solution that provides the best bass performance in your vehicle. It is one of the few available slim under-seat subs that comply with CEA regulations. The USS10 has excellent controls that allow you to customize the sound to your preferences. There is a subsonic filter and level control for the volume to remove the extremely low frequencies that the human ear cannot hear. Additionally, many other features, like a low pass crossover filter, input sensitivity, phase control, and bass boost.

The Rockville USS10 has an innovative turn-on circuit that can detect the presence of an audio signal and turn on your radio. The amplifier built into the subwoofer system will automatically shut off when you turn off the music signal. Using the high-level input and connecting it to two speakers is all required for information.

The fact that this installation technique functions with most comparable units are another plus. Another good feature that its users appreciate the most is its power rating. Many other brands may decide to fabricate their power ratings, so they don’t adhere to industry norms.


The boost control on the Rockville USS 10 is considerably smaller than the kicker control box and can fit anywhere. Its remote bass control provides the ability to fine-tune a song or channel. With all the connections on one side, Rockville has excellent sound and is very simple to install.

Even though it is very convenient to connect it to the receiver using high-level inputs, low-level inputs are advised for better sound quality if the receiver has preamp outlets.

Easy to Install

The Rockville USS 10 can fit easily under the car’s backseat and is very simple to install. It has excellent sound and volume controls. The users were taken into consideration at every stage of the design process. Even without preamp outputs, it can be installed thanks to the high-level input.

One of the best-sounding bass without taking up a lot of room is the USS10. Because of its thin enclosure, which measures only 2.9 inches, fits easily under the seat.

Other Features

Incorporated into the Rockville USS10 is a thermal protection circuit that offers total defense against mishaps or unforeseen circumstances like a short circuit or circuit overload. Its auto turn-on technology includes a full machine-aided, input-sensitive power on/off the system. The easy switch can be turned from 0 to 180 degrees while the active low pass filter is in use.

A MOSFET-made transistor regulates the power supply system. It offers product safety when transferring various power supplies to multiple components. Numerous other essential features exist, including low-level RCA, excessive stage inputs, adjustable enter sensitivity, etc.


1. Easy-to-operate phase switches

2. Modifiable Entry Sensitivity

3. A seat-mounted subwoofer

4. Overzealous Stage Input with Audio Flip-On.

5. Low-Level RCA

6. Thermostatic safety circuit

7. Auto-start


1. Failing to address complaints

2. Despite being adequately grounded and wired, the unit no more extended functions.

3. Separate delivery of the wiring kit

Rockville RW10CA

A low-profile car subwoofer with loud, high-quality sound in most configurations is the Rockville RW10CA. Few wires are needed for installation, and the subwoofer SIL design fits perfectly behind or under the car seats. The building is hassle-free, and the bass is strong.

For those looking for a subwoofer with gorgeously layered and powerful sound, the Rockville RW10CA is the best option. Overall, it meets all the requirements of a seasoned listener looking for a premium subwoofer at a reasonable price. It has a variety of settings that can be applied to your music, including a low PASS filter and a bass boost. The RW10CA was designed to be installed by the average consumer without the assistance of a professional.

High-Level Inputs

The Rockville RW10CA’s construction is intended to be as functional and practical as possible. With the high-level inputs included, it becomes clear. With these clearly labeled and expertly positioned ports and input locations, the RW10CA installation process is simplified. Users have more control as a result.

Users are spared the hassle of connecting a remote wire to a receiver and turning it on and off. Because the receiver need not be removed, installation can be completed more quickly and easily.

Effective Peak Power

Rockville RW10CA’s tried-and-true peak setting is by far its standout feature. Additionally, there are 300-watt high-power speakers. According to this, the subwoofer will always have 300 watts of power. The music sounds fantastic thanks to the 800 watts peak, and it’s great to have it available when you need it. The RW10CA is a reliable, powerful subwoofer with high peak power, especially for its price range.

Other Features

The Rockville RW10CA produces an intense sound that outperforms its size. Crisp and loud sounds can be heard. The subwoofer’s built-in case was made specifically to fit under car seats. The RW10CA is a premier company, according to Rockville. The subwoofer can be installed without any prior knowledge. In terms of simplicity, the RC10WA is about as good as it gets.

Like the RW10CA, few subwoofers are as attentive to needs. The circuits know what you need from a particular signal before you connect it. Numerous pointless processes are stopped. The RW10CA has a user-friendly design throughout. Rockville appears to have taken great care when designing this subwoofer with the user in mind, as evidenced by the slim profile, simple installation, and other features.


1. Deep bass

2. User friendly

3. Durability

4. Slim design

5. High-quality audio

6. Efficient Installation

7. Smart circuits

8. High-level inpute


1. Lack of power wires

2. Weak construction

3. Reliability can differ

Rockville RW10CA Installation

Even though the installation of the Rockville RW10CA is straightforward, there are a few considerations. We know purchasing a subwoofer does not include any power or connection cables. To aid in supporting the system, you must buy a wiring harness.


How reliable are Rockville-powered subwoofers?

Subwoofers from Rockville are excellent, indeed. They are inexpensive and have fantastic bass. Thus, Rockville subwoofers are the best option if you’re looking for the best sound system for your cars.

Is a warranty offered by Rockville?

Each item has a warranty period during which it may be repaired without additional cost in addition to the 90-day money-back guarantee return policy. The customer is responsible for returning the item if the warranty has expired after 90 days.

How much does Rockville USS10 cost?

Rockville USS10 is reasonably priced, and every regular customer can afford it.

Bottom Line

Both subwoofers deliver excellent sound at a reasonable price that is also simple to set up and use. These subwoofers have a consistent quality that will make all of your music sound great, thanks to their high wattage and deep bass. The USS10 is particularly well-known due to its compact size and excellent features.

Although both subwoofers are excellent, I advise the Rockville RW10CA for picky buyers. Don’t hesitate to purchase it if you want an affordable, incredible sound. It is a cost-effective method of boosting the audio from your car’s sound system. Thanks to fantastic features like bass boost, low pass filter, and many more, you have many options for tailoring your music to your tastes.


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