Klipsch The Fives vs The Sixes | Detailed Comparison

The new fives and sixes from Klipsch, which are part of the company’s heritage series and aim to provide the best sound quality possible, are at par with each other and the best in the industry in terms of sonic performance. Klipsch has been making bookshelf speakers for years.

For audiophiles seeking to strike a balance between sound quality and size, the Fives’ warm sound makes them a desirable option. Depending on whether a source is plugged in, they can be used as desktop speakers or as part of a hi-fi system. They are a genuine stereo alternative to a soundbar because of their apparent simplicity.

The bass may be weak, but that does not stop the Sixes from competing with high-end speakers. They offer the convenience of wireless, and they have an integrated phone pre amplifier for a direct turntable connection. The Sixes are equally formidable and excellent for home theater and hi-fi systems.

Quick Comparison

Klipsch: The FivesKlipsch: The Sixes
Drivers 4.5 cone woofer one titanium tweeterDrivers 6.5 long-throw woofer one titanium tweeter
Power Handling 160 watts RMS 320 watts PeakPower Handling 100 watts, RMS 200 watts peak
Frequency response 50 Hz to 25 kHzFrequency response 40 Hz to  20 Hz
Connectivity BluetoothConnectivity Bluetooth
Maximum acoustic output 109 dBMaximum acoustic output 106 dB

The Fives and Sixes will enhance your entertainment experience if you’re setting up a home theater system.

Klipsch Fives

The Klipsch Fives are a pair of powered bookshelf speakers with an incredible feature set. The Klipsch Fives has a powerful sound and offers convenient connectivity options. The best part is that you can use the Klipsch Fives as desktop speakers, stereo speakers, or even as part of your hi-fi system.

The following list includes some Klipsch Fives features.

Speakers with a two-way setup

Two-way speakers are included with the Fives so that you can experience authentic entertainment. A 4.5 cone woofer and one titanium tweeter are included in each bookshelf speaker to provide superior stereo sound.

They also have a LIFE output, which you can use to connect a subwoofer to improve the bass output, which you will appreciate.

In-built amplifier

The Fives have a two-way design, and an 80-watt amplifier built right into each channel, eliminating the need for an external amplifier. Because of this design, the speakers can deliver high-fidelity sound even without a stereo receiver.

The integrated amplifier is additionally designed to maximize each channel’s output while ensuring that it generates room-filling sound. Additionally, the amplifier features a low-noise design, which will help the system perform better.

Offers High-Resolution Decoding

The Fives is a worthy upgrade if you want to enjoy the best digital audio experience because they have multiple connectivity options in addition to being able to decode high-resolution audio tracks up to 192 kHz/24 bit. You can also stream high-resolution content from streaming services using the inbuilt Bluetooth.

Dynamic Bass EQ by Klipsch

The Klipsch loudspeakers, including the Fives, have a volume control feature called Dynamic Bass EQ, enabling speakers to fine-tune low-frequency sounds to match your hearing range. The bass will stay the same even when listening at low volume levels. In addition, the speakers have a ported enclosure, which enhances bass performance at all listening volumes.

Multipurpose Operation

The Fives has a multipurpose design that enables users to connect multiple inputs, such as a PC, turntable, or smartphone. The design includes numerous inputs, such as an integrated phono pre-amp, an optical input, and a USB port to connect just about any audio source.

Additionally, the speakers support HDMI ARC and CEC, allowing you to connect your compatible TV with the speakers using an HDMI cable. Furthermore, the CEC feature combines the settings and uses a single remote control with all supported devices.


  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Versaille attributes
  • Amplifier design with low noise
  • No requirement for additional amplification
  • Minimum footprint
  • Superior audio quality
  • It enables you to position your system in confined spaces


  • Although Threads has shortcomings, it is adequate for a typical home theater environment.
  • Although the bass seems missing, and it is still acceptable for a typical home theater environment.

Klipsch Sixes

The Sixes are all-around and offer much more connectivity options than standard bookshelf speakers. Like the Klipsch The Fives, the Sixes are a comprehensive choice, and they provide a simple way to enjoy satisfying music throughout the home.

 The Sixes require no complicated setup, as you only need to pair them with compatible Bluetooth devices, unlike wired speakers.

Some of the critical characteristics of Klipsch Sixes are listed below.

Two-way Speaker Configuration

The Sixes have drivers for the bass and high frequencies, just like the Fives do. A single titanium tweeter is used in each channel of the two-way design. The tweeter is coupled with a Tractrix horn, giving the speakers an advantage when recreating high-end sounds.

The speaker’s woofer cone is designed for the mid-and low-frequency ranges. To enhance the bass, the woofers also include a rear port. However, having the port on the back side can present placement challenges, especially if you want to mount the speaker on a wall.

Amazing Design and Execution

Like other high-end Klipsch speakers, the Sixes are constructed using premium components like spun copper switches and natural wood veneer. Furthermore, the speakers are made to blend in with your home’s decor naturally. Thanks to its dimensions, you can easily place the Klipsch Sixes directly on a shelf or speaker stand.

Multiple Connection Options

The Sixes speakers’ numerous connectivity options were created to make it simple for you to connect to just about any audio source. The Sexes offers a simple solution whether you need to connect a turntable to your record player or just want to play music from your smartphone. A phone pre-amp, a USB port, and an analog RCA are included as onboard inputs. Thanks to the design’s inclusion of subwoofer output, a powered subwoofer can be added.

Uninterruptible High-Resolution Audio Decoding

The Sexes are your best choice if you want to listen to high-resolution audio at a higher quality than what your current system can offer. For seamless streaming of high-resolution audio tracks from compatible devices, the speakers provide high-resolution decoding up to 92 kHz/24 bit.


  • Multiple finish options
  • Speaker cabinet made of solid MDF
  • A portable audio system
  • A detachable magnet grille
  • The price tag corresponds to the build quality
  • Subwoofer output


  • The pair’s 100 watts RMS output is not the most potent.
  • The tractrix horn causes sporadic high-end brightness.


1. Can you connect a receiver to a Klipsch The Fives?

The Klipsch, The Fives, features an all-in-one system with a Bluetooth receiver, 24-bit/192kHz USB DAC line, phone, and digital inputs, as well as an HDMI ARC input, maintaining the aesthetic of Klipsch Heritage speakers.

2. What sub is appropriate for Klipsch’s The Fives?

We advise a small 10-inch subwoofer for a small to medium-sized office. However, if you’re using the Fives in a larger room, we recommend a 12-inch or 15-inch subwoofer for an even deeper, immersive sub-bass extension.

3. Are Klipsch speakers compatible with TVs?

You can connect them to your television, and they’ll sound better. Just make sure your television has audio output jacks. An adapter from a female 3.5 mm to a male stereo RCA jack is required. Additionally, you’ll probably need to switch your TV setup menu’s audio output source from TV speakers to external speakers.

4. Where should I install a subwoofer?

The output of a subwoofer may be increased by positioning it in the corner of a room, making the subwoofer sound louder. Depending on your floor space, the corner that is too far from the listening area might not be a good option for your subwoofer.

5. How long does it take speakers to connect?

The simplest way to use your speakers is to connect them to your system and use them as you usually would. The speakers usually arrive after 20 to 30 hours of nonstop use, and for the first hundred or so hours they will continue to develop and improve.

Bottom Line

The Klipsch The Fives and The Klipsch The Sixes both come very close to being perfect. They offer a variety of inputs, allowing them to handle any circumstance. It is nearly impossible to distinguish between the two models in terms of sound quality.

Perhaps the only difference is the size of the woofer. The Sixes have a more significant low-end driver, but that does not imply that they are better. Both of them offer a clean and refined sound with improved detail, and despite their small size, the speakers can output some decent low-end.

However, they both have a few drawbacks when compared to more expensive models. The high-end can be exhausting despite their incredible sound quality due to the horn design. In comparison to most inexpensive models, the bass is also significantly more substantial. Despite some shortcomings, we still recommend them because of the many positive aspects they also have.


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