Klipsch R-12SW vs Klipsch R-120SW | Which is Good For You?

If you’re looking for a subwoofer to amplify and enhance low frequencies for your home theater systems, you should compare the Klipsch R-12sw and Klipsch R-120sw. Both subwoofers are warranted to deliver the best low-end bass tones possible with the least amount of distortion for music and other entertainment, including fantastic theater audio. They provide high-fidelity sound and aesthetically pleasing designs that go well with your entertainment setup.

However, it is unclear which of these should be chosen. Since Klipsch has a history of releasing high-end subwoofers dating back to 1946, there isn’t much of a difference between these two subwoofers, but your choice will typically depend on your needs and preferences.

Klipsch R-12sw is slightly less expensive than Klipsch R-120sw despite having similar features. The only drawback to R-12 is that it is no longer being manufactured, making it challenging to locate the final stock. The Klipsch R-120sw, on the other hand, costs more than the Klipsch R-12sw because it is a more recent model and is renowned for its incredibly high sound quality and alluring appearance.

Therefore, to assist you in selecting the best subwoofer, this article will compare the Klipsch R-12SW and R-120SW.

Klipsch R-12SW vs Klipsch R-12SW: A Brief Comparison

So that you can see what these subwoofers are capable of and learn a little bit more about them, here is a brief compilation.

FeaturesKlipsch R-12SWKlipsch R-120SW
Frequency response29hz-120hz29hz-120hz
Amp power400watts400watts
RMS power200watts200watts
Dimensions14*18.5*16 inches19.2*14*16.5 inches
CabinetMDF boardMDF board
Firing directionFrontFront

You can see that there aren’t many differences between these Klipsch subwoofers in terms of technical specifications. Their specifications are almost identical. Therefore, making a decision based solely on what you see is impossible. It’s critical to examine products in greater detail and determine whether they are adequate before making a final decision or not.

Comparison of the Klipsch R-12sw and R-120sw in-depth and side-by-side

Nearly all of the features of the Klipsch R-12sw and R-120sw are the same. Additionally, it has frequency response and amplifier power. The Klipsch R-120sw, however, is a more recent model and a bit more expensive. It has a new appearance with cooper screws and has a slightly tighter and crisper sound. The Klipsch R-12sw looks almost exactly like it. Analyzing both of them in greater detail


Let’s briefly discuss the subwoofers’ design before moving on. The similarities in appearance between these subwoofers are immediately apparent when you first lay eyes on them. These subwoofers do, however, directly stand out for their slight variations.

Klipsch R-12sw has a classic appearance thanks to its streamlined, minimalistic design. When you have to arrange all this in a more formal environment, the subwoofer is an excellent option because of how it looks. A black cloth grille conceals a copper subwoofer. The subwoofer’s grill can be removed if the user occasionally wants to give it a different appearance. When the subwoofer is activated, an LED light will indicate this. In the same way that it may be advantageous to some, it may also irritate others. Every time you can cover it with black duct tape to eliminate the problem if it annoys you.

The entire device is similar to the Klipsch R-120sw in terms of design. However, the subwoofer on this one is surrounded by copper screws. Compared to R-12sw, it now produces a different aesthetic. Moreover, it has a somewhat matte finish and is quite sleek. Long-term cleanliness is made simpler by this. The same detachable grille and LED indicator are included in addition to these. The two subwoofers are very similar and share the same visual functionality.

Sound Performance

When it comes to sound quality, both Klipsch subwoofers are pretty good. The sound of these subwoofers is generally not problematic. Between these two scenarios, there is a difference that must be considered.

The Klipsch R-12sw is a fantastic option due to its straightforward and brittle sound start. Concerning the strategy for sound performance, it is very detailed. It might be simple for you to understand the specifics. The bass clarity in your dearest music will make it stand out. The Klipsch 120sw, on the other hand, offers much more versatility. According to this, you can use and install these subwoofers anywhere you want in your system. The subwoofers’ placement has no bearing on how well they perform sonically.

The same facilities as the other one are provided for you. To achieve the best sound quality, you must find the correct placement. The Klipsch 120-SW is the best choice if you want improved sound quality and versatility.

Build Quality

Since both subwoofers are made of the same material and construction method, their build quality is comparable. The level of construction quality is not noticeably different. It is possible to get MDF board construction on the subwoofers with  Klipsch R-12sw, making it a small subwoofer in your setup. MDF board offers superior sound quality compared to other types of board and is excellent for durability.

The Klipsch R-120sw doesn’t offer anything particularly unique, either. Additionally, the cabinet is built from an MDF board. Therefore, the subwoofer’s durability and performance are trustworthy. To guarantee the subwoofer’s long-term stability, copper screws have also been added. Due to its extreme flexibility, you can position the speaker anywhere in the desired room to create the thrilling, top-notch entertainment setup you’ve always wanted.

For all you speaker nerds out there, speaker positioning doesn’t affect the consistency of the sound. Beyond that, the R-12sw and R-120sw will produce excellent sound; however, if you want to know most of your subwoofers, a few minor upgrades are necessary.

Dimensions and Weight

Calculating how these options differ in weight and size is elementary. Everything depends on numbers, and their differences are visible.

The Klipsch R-12sw subwoofer is bulkier compared to the R-120sw. The R-120SW weighs 31 pounds, whereas the R-120sw is close to 33 pounds. Since there is not much difference, there is nothing to be upset about with the weight. The R-120sw is slightly lighter than the other options, so if weight is important to you, you might want to go with that.

In terms of size, there are some differences between them. Because the R-120sw is only marginally different from  R-12sw in size, there is no need to carefully consider them before making a choice. However, choosing R-12sw offers more advantages if you save even a single inch of space.

Connectivity Choices

The connectivity possibilities for the subwoofers don’t offer much. Both subwoofers come with similar types of connectivity. The Klipsch R-12Ssw comes with connectivity features like RCA and Preamp inputs, to name a few options. Without a doubt, these are great, traditional options. But you don’t get that convenience or improvement in the modern world.

The Klipsch R-120sw connectivity options are the same as those on other models. It is identical to the prior instance. When considering the connectivity methods, I would say that overall, there is a tie between the two options.


Given that one of the options has been discontinued and is no longer an option, the crucial factor that will determine which one you select is now whether or not it has subwoofers. The R-120sw, one of Klipsch’s newest models, is straightforward to locate. Finding the subwoofer won’t be a problem because you can see this one anywhere.

The R-12sw is no longer manufactured. If you locate a new one, there is no way to buy it. Furthermore, the subwoofer won’t offer you the same level of support after purchase as you might anticipate from the manufacturer. As a result,  R-120sw is a logical choice because it is supported and available almost anywhere. Because it’s a new model, reliability is another consideration.


Take into account the price variations when making your decision. A great way to save money is to purchase a Klipsch R-12sw. The Klipsch R-120sw is slightly more costly but offers superior sound.

However, the R-120sw has superior support, provides premium audio, and is more adaptable, so it is the more acceptable option.


Which is superior between the Klipsch R-12sw and the Klipsch R-120sw?

These speakers are both superbly made and deliver excellent performances. They are both identical and minor exceptions in terms of cost and design. However, since the product has been discontinued, it might be difficult for you to find the Klipsch R-12SW.

Klipsch R-12sw—is it any good?

Klipsch produces the most amazing subwoofers in the world, and the same is true of their subwoofers. Because of this, the R-12sw is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants clear bass without taking up too much room with bulky boxes that interfere with other furniture arrangements.

What quality speakers are Klipsch known for?

One of the top manufacturers of high-end speakers worldwide, Klipsch is renowned for its products’ superior build quality, long lifespan, and excellent sound. It’s impossible to go wrong with Klipsch if you’re looking to update your audio system.

Bottom Line

The Klipsch R-12sw vs. R-120sw models are no longer in production; the choice between them isn’t all that difficult. As a result, the R-12SW is no longer available, so if you want a new one, you can’t choose it. The decision is evident in this case, primarily driven by availability.

However, I don’t believe there is much to consider because the sound quality, size, and weight are all reasonably comparable. The features of each subwoofer are identical. Copper-colored screws surround the woofer on the new Klipsch R-120sw model. The R-12sw, in contrast, has black screws. In terms of both frequency response and amplifier power, they are equivalent. R-120sw costs more than R-12SW does. Therefore, Klipsch R-120sw is what we suggest. It works with low frequencies to produce a clear, crisp sound that is distortion-free.


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