KEF Q150 vs Q350 | Whats the Difference?

Everybody wants to talk until they have to pick between two excellent speakers. Things might get complicated if they are from a similar brand but have some variances from one another. It would help if you were confused between the KEF 1150 and Q350 because you are here.

These are passive components speakers, and while they have some similarities, they are also significantly different, setting them distinct from each other. The KEF 150 and KEF Q350, two fantastic speakers from KEF, will be discussed in this post, along with some other key facts.

Let’s go right into the fight between KEF 1150 and KEF Q350!

KEF Q150 vs Q350: Quick Difference

General Specifications

About The ProductThe excellent Q Series bookshelf speakers shine when there isn’t much room. The Q150s’ Computing Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port architecture and characteristic KEF Uni-Q speaker array produce detailed tonal qualities with excellent clarity and tight bass.  One of the two bookshelf speakers offered by the Q Series is bigger. When space is at a premium and deeper bass is required, the fantastic Q350 speakers shine. The Q350s’ computational fluid dynamic (CFD) port design and characteristic KEF Uni-Q speaker array produce rich, natural sound with solid bass.

Key Specs

Power RMS10 watts15 watts
Sensitivity86 dB87 dB
Impedance8 ohms8 ohms


Peak power100 watts120 watts
Min. Frequency Response51 Hz63 Hz
Max. Frequency Response28 kHz28 kHz
Tweeter Size1 in.1 in.
Woofer Size5.25 in.6.5 in.

KEF Q150 vs Kef Q350: Detailed Comparison

KEF Q150

The KEF Q150 is a device sold in pairs, and this pair may find on several lists of the best bookshelf speakers. These bookshelf speakers were introduced by KEF in 2019 and instantly won many listeners’ hearts. They are still in use today and are among the top options for bookshelf speakers.

KEF 150 speakers fit well in whichever room you choose to utilize them in terms of appearance.

KEF Q350

Other excellent bookshelf speakers from KEF include the Q350. Although the number 350 may suggest that these speakers are more recent than the Q150, KEF released the Q150 in 2017. Therefore these are older.You may use the KEF Q350 speakers anywhere and anytime you want. They optimize any setting in which you decide to put them.

Let’s evaluate These Beasts / Which is superior?

This section has been divided into sections since comparing the KEF Q150 with KEF Q350 is a more complicated task in the world. You may discover several comparisons in terms of design, connection, and performance.

We’ll see.

Design and Aesthetics

Both the KEF Q150 and the KEF Q350 have a similar overall appearance. The primary distinction is that KEF Q150 has more extensive size measures. These speaker pairs are available in black, walnut, and white.

They are attractive based on the colors and give the entire space where you install them a minimalist feel. These speakers may use for a considerable amount of time because of their high level of durability.

Configuration / Connectivity

We are all aware that the connections of any gadget are the most crucial components to take into account. These speakers currently share the same connector and ports.The KEF Q150 and KEF Q50 speakers have two major ports on the rear that control connection. It would help if you weren’t concerned once you join because connectivity is vital.

KEF Q150 has the highest capacity of 108 dB, whereas KEF Q350 has a slightly higher highest power of 110 dB.Given that these speakers are sold in pairs, it is crucial to note the crossing frequency, which on the KEF Q150 and KEF Q350 operates at 2.5kHz.

A crucial factor unites these two different speaker types. To keep out driver interference, it is the Uni-Q Speaker, a very well-known array created and specialized by KEF. It combines the midrange and woofer.

Sound Performance / Quality

One of the manufacturers that offer incredible sound quality to anybody who picks their speakers is KEF. Significant factors should highlight to distinguish the speakers from one another.One of the most potent speakers, the KEF Q150, is also referred to as a powerhouse. You may get a frequency spectrum of 51Hz to 28kHz from them, and anytime you use them, you’ll realize that the music is quite clear.

The KEF Q350, on the other hand, has a frequency range of 63Hz to 28kHz. Despite this, the music isn’t muted or anything of the kind; instead, the KEF Q350 speakers shine when it comes to bass.The KEFQ 150 is superior since it covers a broader range even though the speakers are comparable and use almost identical technology.

Build Quality

Kef Q150

While many people place excessive emphasis on the build, it may alter how the sound is distributed. You may store the KEF Q150 bookshelf speaker on top of shelves and tables. Its dispersal angle could be more robust when positioned straight on the ground.

The speakers are available in two finishes: matte black and white vinyl. There is also a brand-new walnut-pattern finishing available.The Uni-Q configuration of drivers is included within, as mentioned earlier. Extreme frequencies might emerge and take over the sound stage according to the setup.

Kef Q350

The Q150 places its driver array right in the middle of the cabinet to decrease interference from mechanical vibration. The transmitter, which is the most sensitive, is positioned directly in the center of the Uni-Q arrays to push out distortions further.

Additionally, the speaker has a few ports on the back, including the bass port and golden binding posts. The bass port is just a hole drilled through the cabinet to provide a more intense bass performance. The binding posts help establish a connection with an external receiver. However, for that, you’ll need banana connectors or exposed wiring.


Kef Q150

The KEF Q150 has few control capabilities compared to competing speakers in its price range and product line. Since this speaker is passive, the amplifier does most of the tuning. Its ability to select the amplifier you want is a customization option.

The only other topic is the receiver’s gold posts, the other item. There is little adaptability even here. Use banana connectors or exposed wire straight, if appropriate. Since few receivers have such, you should buy the plugs separately.

Kef Q350

The Q350 shares the same lack of adjustability as the Q150. We wouldn’t need much tweaking as it’s a passive speaker. Although a grille may add to these speakers, you must buy it separately because it is not included in the package.

In addition, there are two golden hooks on the back for connecting a receiver. The output from the speaker may be routed via an amplifier to achieve various sound volumes.


Kef Q150

When choosing the ideal design and configuration, size is a crucial consideration. Fortunately, the KEF Q150 belongs to the small and portable bookshelf group. With only 10.9 inches in height, each speaker unit is less than a foot tall. The speakers have dimensions of 7.08 inches on each side and 11.92 inches from front to back.

It would help if you had at least a foot of rear clearance because they are thicker from the sides. The bass reflex is then flat against the wall. There should be some room between the subwoofer post and the wall. Therefore, you need up to 14 inches of the back room.

Kef Q350

You may mount the KEF Q350 bookshelf speaker, made by a tiny firm, on any TV cabinet or audio shelf. You require a minimum of 11 inches of space from behind. But add a few extra inches to be cautious. Each speaker is around 10.9 inches tall and weighs 16 pounds. You can handle them regardless if you have wrist issues.

The speaker can also turn on its side, another feature worth noticing. All of its axes are precisely symmetrical, and the direction is adjustable. This option is helpful if you desire to conserve space and do not have a significant amount of top clearance.

Pros And Cons

Kef Q150 Pros

  • Cuts down on mechanical vibration
  • High gain with minimal power usage
  • Low audible midrange leaking
  • The array of drivers’ special configuration
  • The Bass reflex port was created via CFD.
  • A lightweight (12.5 pounds)

Kef Q150 Cons

  • No grille is present
  • Decreased driver size

Kef Q350 Pros

  • A bigger driver
  • You may purchase the grille separately.
  • Intensified bass
  • Treble is brought to the fore.
  • Decreased LF compression
  • Very little port turbulence

Kef Q350 Cons

  • Bigger and taller


KEF undoubtedly offers a variety of powerful items only supported by its innovations. Both musicians and audiophiles will find comfort in their goods, particularly the KEF Q150 and the Q350.

Even if they are similar to one another, they yet differ in various ways.Because of its increased power output, the Q350 can produce louder noises. It does not imply an improvement in sound quality. It could compromise quality depending on how much range you don’t want.

Overall, they remain loyal to the company name and wow potential customers.


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