JBL vs Skullcandy | Which Headphone Is Good For You?

JBL and Skullcandy are well-known companies producing audio equipment, including speakers, earbuds, and headphones. Although both are quite similar, the JBL is marginally superior. They have a higher quality feel than the Skullcandy and are more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

When compared to each other, JBL earphones perform better than Skullcandy earphones. Both speakers have excellent bass, but the JBL is better known in the music industry. So, if you like music, pick a pair of JBL headphones.

The JBL is a good earphone for working out and playing sports if you prefer wireless options. Its wireless support makes travelling and working out in noisy environments more convenient. In contrast to the Skullcandy, it has an in-line microphone and can connect to two devices at once. Skullcandy, on the other hand, has a wireless range that is significantly better and charges in half the time with comparable battery life. Its mid-range needs more attention, so vocals and lead instruments will be pushed to the mix’s background.

JBL vs Skullcandy: A Quick Comparison

Even though both are quite similar, some differences are quite obvious. The power ratings are the main distinction between the two. The Skullcandy model has a battery life of about 20 hours compared to the JBL’s 40 hours. The Skullcandy version is slightly more affordable than the  JBL.

Both earphones are fashionable, but there are some differences between them. The Skullcandy is more comfortable, but the JBL offers better sound quality.

JBL Headphones

The JBL headphones are renowned for their balanced audio. They are part of the Harman headphone family and, following the Harman curve, produce a sound suitable for almost all audio genres. They provide many functional features, including noise isolation and a parametric equaliser.

Long listening sessions with the JBL headphones are comfortable to wear. They can connect to two devices at once and have a built-in microphone. Those looking for a wireless headset should consider this one because it provides better sound quality. They have a good battery life, a comfortable design, and decently well-built construction. Casual listeners are also quite good and have a fairly balanced sound.

Sound Quality

JBL has quite a well-balanced sound quality. They have a good bass response that keeps the instruments and vocals from getting lost. In the music industry, it is more well-known. It is a preferred option among music enthusiasts due to its sound quality.

Workplace Use

The JBL headphones are fairly standard for use at work. They need to do a better job of isolating outside noise, so you can hear what is happening in your office or wherever you are working. Besides this, they generally only leak a little audio at normal volumes.

While Playing Sports

Sports enthusiasts can use the JBL headphones quite effectively. They are sufficiently tight and lightweight to stay on the head while playing. Because of their wireless design, they are less likely to trip over because the audio cable is tangled with something. However, they get fairly warm when moving around, which could be better.

Wireless Gaming

For wireless gaming, the JBL headphones are not appropriate. They lack customisation options and have excessive latency, which is why. Its microphone is also subpar. Long gaming sessions are not the most comfortable with these headphones. These headphones are compatible with most PC and console controllers thanks to the flexible audio cable that is included with them.

Battery Timing

The JBL headphones have decent battery timing when it comes to charging. With a battery life of 40 hours, it outperforms Skullcandy just slightly in this area. Its battery timing is consequently much better than that of other headphones available.


  • Design that is lightweight and comfortable.
  • The audio cable.
  • Fantastic battery timing


  • Inadequate noise isolation
  • Prone to eyeglasses.
  • Users deliver bass in very different ways.

Skullcandy Headphones

American-based audio company Skullcandy produces headphones. It manufactures headphones, earbuds, and other audio gear. The company offers a huge selection of headphones and earbuds, which are reasonably priced. Indeed, nearly 70% of American respondents say they own a set of these headphones.

The bass sound from Skullcandy headphones is renowned for being unique. Natural highs and lows are mixed to create the headphones for it. Additionally, these headphones have superior sound technology, providing a wonderful audio experience.

The fact that they are reasonably priced and have a stylish design is a bonus.  Most musical genres work well with the bass-heavy sound these headphones produce.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Skullcandy headphones is average. They have an ecstatic sound due to their V-shaped sound profile, which contains strong highs and a lot of basses.  Unfortunately, the sound feels a little boomy and has excessive bass because the high bass slightly overpowers the instruments and vocals. They also have a very small soundstage, which is not a plus for these headphones.

Workplace Use

For office use, Skullcandy headphones are standard. They need to perform better at isolating noise and can’t effectively block out chatty coworkers nearby. Additionally, they leak quite a bit of sound, allowing those nearby to hear what you are listening to. Nevertheless, they are surprisingly good and convenient to use.

While Playing Sports

For sports, these headphones work out quite well. They are sufficiently tight and relatively light to stay on your head while playing. They also get warm while exercising, which is not ideal, similar to JBL. These headphones also have the drawback of not being the most portable, but their wireless design helps to minimise snagging risks.

Wired Gaming

These headphones perform about average when it comes to wired gaming. Action games may find their thrilling V-shaped sound profile too boomy, despite some people enjoying it. Their wired connection provides a latency-free experience.

To Place Phone Calls

For making phone calls, the Skullcandy headphones are quite exceptional. The integrated microphone could have better recording quality, similar to some wireless Bluetooth headphones, which results in a thin and muffled recording. They are better suited for calls in quiet environments because the microphone has difficulty separating your voice from background noise.

Battery Timing

Skullcandy’s battery timing is decent, but it could be better than JBL’s. About 20 hours, or less than half the JBL’s battery life, is what they have. JBL performs a little better in this area.


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Charged quickly
  • A compact and sturdy design
  • Cheap


  • Inadequate noise isolation
  • Build quality plastic
  • Bass-heavy in excess
  • The soundstage is small and unnatural.
  • Is not breathable


Is Skullcandy a trustworthy company?

The majority of the headphones Skullcandy sells are reasonably priced. It’s because they are constructed of plastic. It is much superior to some extremely low-cost brands, but they need to be more durable compared to other reasonably priced models. It’s a fantastic option for casual music listeners. They demonstrate a comfortable fit for extended use and deliver impressive sound performance for their price.

How long will JBL headphones last?

JBL headphones have a battery life of up to 25 hours. You can therefore listen to music at any time of day or night.

Can JBL be overcharged?

Indeed, there is no harm in overcharging JBL. The JBL automatically stops charging when it reaches 100% capacity.

Bottom Line

We conclude that both headphones are excellent after carefully comparing them. JBL is a better option if you enjoy listening to music and songs.

Even though both headphones are excellent, JBL is the better option for bass. However, if money is an issue and you want inexpensive headphones, Skullcandy will be your best bet.

Since both brands are equally good and have nearly identical specifications, they are both available. It is strongly advised that you evaluate the brands in light of your requirements before choosing the best option.




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