JBL SRX vs PRX | Which is Better?

The JBLSRX is the ideal all-in-one option anywhere; effectiveness, complete control, and clear sound are required because it integrates industry-leading acoustics, strength, regulation, and endurance. Each part of the JBL SRX Series was thoughtfully created to deliver the goal of delivering a precisely calibrated system that is strong and simple to use. JBL Practitioner is well known for its high-quality, long-lasting compact PA systems. JBL has established the benchmark regarding what a highly skilled and controlled Public address system should consist of with the launch of the JBL SRX family of moveable and powerful PA loudspeakers.

JBL’s top-tier sensors, casings, the Kingdom’s revolutionary front-end Drive Core Advanced technologies, and consumer DSP, with complete HiQnet Network functionality that is interoperable with a range of platforms and casings. These all are combined in the ground-breaking DJs; performers, entertainment facilities, professional presentations, leasing businesses, and religious institutions benefit greatly from PRX ONE. Anybody who requires top-tier energy, sound absorption, creative direction, and connection in a chic, fully equipped columns PA that is appropriate for both mounted and consumer devices will find it the ultimate option.

The SRX gear is unquestionably the best before you enter the big-boy world, but PRX is incredibly durable even though the SRX sounds noticeably better. You probably already know how you plan to use the JBL PRX or SRX series if you’re about to choose between them. I’ll go over everything you need to know in this article.

What Makes the SRX Series Better?

The sound quality between the two is different. You might not need subwoofers for smaller performances because SRX is surprisingly good at the low end, depending on your needs. Although the SRX speakers are superior to the PRX speakers in quality, you will never want to switch.

The SRX Series is outfitted with hand-picked drivers and Crown power amplifiers to achieve excellent sound quality and high reliability and challenge the notion of powered speakers as we know them. Several signal processing functions and practical operation features are also offered to meet the demands of professional fields.

SRX Series


Below are a few characteristics of the SRX Series:

  • Some of its attributes include durability, usability, and thoughtful design.
  • Superior Transmitter by JBL.
  • Amplified Drive core From Crown
  • DSP with full user configuration
  • Information Strategy
  • Preset modes for JBL Professional Applications
  • The LCD on the back of the device with sparkle paint
  • Accommodates the castor kit JBL WK-4S.
  • 145 lb/65.9 kg

Exceptional Control

A comprehensive set of consumer DSPs, including 20 PMQs, 2 seconds of delays, specifying, feed combining, amplification metering, and 50 users and presets, is powered by the SRX800 Series’ powerful 400MHz inbuilt Sharc DSP. Additionally, the system is compatible with our premium Vertec, and VTX’s traveling supplier provides V5 JBL Chord progressions. An embedded LCD supports fast installation and customization.

JBL with Crown’s Drive Core

With a gigantic 2000W Rated Output, the greatest power overall score in this category of speakers, every version is controlled by Crown’s exclusive front-end power key technologies. The SRX Series can produce extremely high sound levels with remarkable tolerance, very little distorting, and immaculate precision across its entire range of frequencies because of its extraordinarily low 103dB transmission ratio. IEC connection cables that interlock and Real Global P.S. With P.F.C provide a quick, encrypted channel for easy installations.

The Equipment You Need

Your live audio system is incomplete if it doesn’t include reliable elevated supports and portable device backpacks for quick setup. JBL offers strong speaker bags made by Gator for the upcoming show, festival, or tour, as well as a variety of gas-assist or stick shift loudspeaker supports that are specifically made to fit the JBL SRX Series system. View the exclusive selection of high-quality JBL SRX Series components.

PRX Series

The PRX ONE fully-featured motorized column PA has a 7-channel computerized processor, an attached PO of sophisticated DSP, category audio connections, Wireless capabilities, and JBL Pro Connection global app management, in addition to an ergonomically designed column array.

Modern-powered speakers in the PRX Series can be wirelessly managed by an iPad or Android device. The sound quality is first-rate, filling the entire space with unmatched sound in its class.


The PRX Series has the features listed below:

  • From the forefront to the rear of the auditorium, a horizontal arrangement of 12 2.5-inch speakers provides a steady, even HF sound.
  • Copper-capped pole components on specially built elevated speakers reduce distortions and provide a seamless, good high sound.
  • Geometries-optimized accumulator innovation from JBL (Array Inumbration Mechanisms) guarantees reliable front-to-back transmission.
  • A wide distribution pattern of 130° (H) x 30° (V) provides uniform exposure throughout the listening area.
  • More realistic reduced responsiveness and seamless, consistent performance over the frequency band is made possible by precise crossover control and HF/LF connection.
  • A complete bridge Category D preamp featuring improving the power factor and elevated devices deliver clean, effective system energy with greater overhead, reduced THD, and security against power surges. A 12-inch acoustic guitar woofer enhances reduced performance to 35 Hz.
  • Four high, reduced microphones create responsiveness and ensure uniform frequency at whatever amplitude level.
  • Max S.P.L. of 130 dB
  • Customers have complete control over the input rotary encoders or specific channel controllers like bottom, middle, brightness, and impact outputs thanks to an incorporated 7-channel electronic combination with dual modes.
  • Featuring preset for simple setup, the sophisticated Thesaurus impacts processor features delayed, rebound chorus, echoes, and even sub-synthesizer.

Unrivaled Efficiency

Please take advantage of unrivaled efficiency as well as strength in a stylish little bundle: Thanks to its specially designed 12-tweeter columns arrangement with JBL AIM acoustical technologies, 12-inch acoustic guitar woofer, with constructed 2,000-watt (peak) amplification, PRX ONE produces a staggering 130db max SPL with constant front-to-back reach.

Utilize PRX ONE’s complete library of premium Thesaurus and dbx treatments, comprising reverberation, delayed, compressing, and dbx Drive Rack innovation with AFS Pro Automated Flashback Cancellation to quickly and easily dial in superb sound with fewer pieces of equipment. Utilize the flexible I/Os (including specialized residual current and Hi-Z inputs as well as top player Neutrik connections) and advanced Bluetooth connectivity capabilities of the PRX ONE to attach mics, equipment, handheld platforms, and remote rigs. Operate more quickly and efficiently with an easy double digital blender from Sound craft that may be set to standard mix capabilities or connection management, all controlled through an app or an integrated color LCD.

Technological advancements provide unmatched sonic quality

Each box at PRX ONE is the finest available residence: JBL AIM (Element Inumbration Mechanisms), a geometrically optimized accumulator technique, and 12 specifically designed tweeters combine to deliver regulated, constant front-to-back transmission and sometimes even reply.

Copper-capped pole components are a characteristic of specially made elevated loudspeakers that minimize capacitance for a finer, more accurate heightened sensitivity. Low-power compression HF transducer also provides more organic operation without requiring intensive DSP. The woofer can provide a highly realistic, genuine synth bass since maximum performance is enhanced down to 500 Hz. Minus D.S.P., the PRX ONE’s sonically tuned woofer performs better, lessening “huffiness.”

Powerful Silence at Any Level

Featuring super-duper amplifying, ensuring that you will be heard clearly at any reasonable volume, turn it up with assurance. The 2,000-watt Class D accelerator, with improving the power factor from PRX, provides clean, steady power via a range of voltages, assuring element lifespan and dependable performance wherever it is used. Good-quality devices provide accuracy, increased productivity, and reduced overall harmonic components. Additionally, because the amplifier is completely spanned, you may unleash all of its products while still having enough leeway to tackle any situation.

Road-Tough, Reliable, and Tried

Every PRX  handheld PA goes through 100 hours of endurance certification to be sure it will work flawlessly in everyday situations. The system is guarded by a sturdy casing that is tough enough according to the toughest performances yet stealthy enough to fit in with any presenting situation.

You Ought to Dial in Your Distinctive Sound Anything

Who wishes to transport heavy electrical gear to concerts? With such a full range of renowned dbx and Lexicon acoustic treatments featuring reverberation, delayed, harmony, and more, you can shape your sound from timing, filtering, and distortion, as well as an echo. With PRX ONE’s integrated bobbing technology, which turns down music in the background whenever a voice is recognized, lecturers, educators, and athletic trainers will constantly listen clearly and loudly. You may save and remember preferred parameters using presets. At consistent peak performance, four microphones manufacturing console-grade products preserve maximum throughput. No matter how loud you play it, the sound is crisp, clear, and Production Company.

Which ones Bought you to pick?

Lighter, heavier, and more expensive options are available. PRX appears to be more adaptable than SRX with and without subs. The only vehicle that can handle 90% of the volume without subwoofers is the SRX. If money is no object, most people will buy several subwoofers to keep up with a top. Although they are more expensive, the SRX tops are unquestionably better, and the high-frequency driver appears to be better. Despite being very convenient, the PRX line is outdated, poorly matched, and of average quality.


Why are JBLSRX horns better?

According to available evidence, there are several intriguing discrepancies. The EV ETX’s horns are considerably bigger than the JBLs, and the JBL features standard ports. The EV features a tri-band repaired PEQ and no connectivity (aside from manufacturer tweaking or settings). However, it may be adjusted directly from the presenter’s screen. JBL provides 20 full PEQs. Bands. However, you must configure them using other tools like the iPad version, Sound Designer, etc.

What is the JBL PRX model’s volume level?

Please take advantage of unrivaled power and performance in a stylish, small package: Thanks to its specially-designed 12-tweeter column array with JBL AIM acoustic technology, 12-inch bass-reflex woofer, and integrated 2000-watt amplifier, PRX produces an astounding 130db max SPL with a consistent front-to-back throw.

How many JBL speakers can you simultaneously connect?

One hundred speakers can be paired together. You can enjoy the best sound with all using paired speakers, whether you want stereo or more volume.

Bottom Line

In my opinion, each has advantages and disadvantages of its own. If I had been installing it, the JBL SRX would have greatly assisted because an internet line to each box gives me all the management I could ask for and does away with the need for an external processor. Though it’s a slight advantage, I believe the SRX has it.

Once connected, the PRX is brilliant. Thus, using the right sound tools depends entirely on your selection. Seriously, none of them make a bad choice for speakers.


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