JBL Partybox 1000 vs Soundboks 3 | Which One is Worth Buying?

We’ve listened to various speakers because while loudness is often easy to find, finding loud Bluetooth speakers that still provide high-quality music without having an extremely muddy bass or stinging treble may be challenging. This article compares some of the loudest Bluetooth speakers available on the market to help you decide which is the best option.

Soundboks 3

The New SOUNDBOKS is an improvement over The SOUNDBOKS 2, our previous champion. The “loudest battery-powered speaker on the planet,” according to the manufacturer. This Bluetooth speaker has an impressive 80 hours of battery life while producing 126 decibels of high-quality audio. The New SOUNDBOKS is our top pick for the loudest Bluetooth speaker based only on these qualities.


Two battery packs, referred to as “BATTERYBOKS,” are included with the New Soundboks and provide 40 hours of gameplay. You can always maintain the other battery charged because the battery packs are detachable. ultimately giving you an endless amount of gameplay.

Connections to audio

In addition to Bluetooth, SOUNDBOKS has given the new model XLR and 3.5mm AUX outputs. If you own an earlier model, you may daisy-chain it with the more unique units using this method. The TeamUp functionality on the New SOUNDBOKS also enables the wireless interconnection of additional 3rd Gen speakers.


Usually, loud Bluetooth speakers produce loud, poor-quality sound. With the SOUNDBOKS, such is not the case. Both at low and high levels, this speaker sounds fantastic. For urban and dancing genres, the bass is excellent and forceful.


Although the Soundboks are not very portable and were designed to be something other than so, they may quickly move from one spot to another. It’s not the heaviest Bluetooth speaker available—it weighs around 24 pounds. You won’t be able to get this done and handle it with one hand, though, due to its more significant form factor. There areSoundboks Go for that.

Why ought you purchase it?

  • It’s deafening at 126 dB!
  • Remarkable batteries with a 40-hour life (2 batteries included)
  • Water and dirt resistance, IP65

JBL PartyBox 1000

The JBL PartyBox series is’ the loudest Bluetooth speaker and possibly the loudest Bluetooth speaker available to consumers. In JBL’s latest line of Bluetooth speakers, the JBL comes after the well-liked JBL Boombox. Although JBL may have been late to the game, they have made one of the current loudest portable Bluetooth speakers. This speaker is not only loud, but it also features RGB LED illumination for full-party mode.


The PartyBox 1000 lacks a built-in battery, unlike the lesser devices in this line. When choosing a speaker, it’s crucial to remember that it needs a power outlet to operate.


More capabilities than any other portable party speaker on the marketplace are included in the PartyBox 1000, which provides microphone and instrument inputs for your karaoke parties, Bluetooth Adapter playback, and a comprehensive LED light show.

The JBL ParyBox 1000 also includes an Air Gesture bracelet that lets you flick your wrists to command the light display and an inbuilt DJ pad that lets you input sounds. You may connect two ParyBox 1000 speakers to achieve authentic stereo sound simultaneously. The PartyBox 1000 has built-in easy-roll wheels for when you’ll need to carry it, even if it isn’t battery-powered.


The speaker has a 12-inch woofer and two 7-inch mid-woofers for real party power. The PartyBox 1000 has a superb bass response and is loud. You can feel the bass striking your chest if you are a few steps away. For a speaker this tiny, the middle and highs are also unexpectedly high quality and provide a decent balance between volume and sound quality.

Top Pick

With 126dB of sound in a somewhat compact package—at least in comparison to the Partybox 1000—the Soundboks Gen 3 takes home our top selection. Additionally, it has a good sound character and a robust bass response.

The Most Powerful Big Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Partybox 1000 is the perfect Bluetooth speaker that looks fantastic. Additionally, this speaker has lighting effects, which are uncommon in Bluetooth speakers over 110 dB. The sole drawback for some people will be that it is not portable because it needs electricity and is not battery-powered.


Compared to the SOUNDBOKS, the JBL PartyBox1000 is a superior speaker (Gen. 3). The JBL plays stereo material without downmixing it to stereo, has a better-balanced audio profile, and it is more transportable. Additionally, it features fewer compression artefacts at maximum level, so more ideal volume settings provide better music. The SOUNDBOKS, meanwhile, can generate a louder, deeper bottom than the JBL.


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