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The best wireless home sound system in the world, Movies, TV, and Music, delivers high-quality audio to every room in your house. Over time, Sonos has amassed a devoted following of customers who value the system’s overall simplicity and the high caliber of the company’s line of wireless speakers. We would never have guessed a wireless subwoofer when we first heard in 2012 that Sonos was working on a new product. The wireless multi-room specialist’s decision to include a sub in its lineup demonstrated how much the business valued audio.

Finding a good subwoofer speaker can be very challenging, especially given the wide range of options available today. The Sonos sub allows you to easily adjust the bass levels without getting up from your seat. The Sonos sub adds an excellent low-frequency depth, ranging from subtle bass anchoring to serious deep bass thunder. Even though Sonos is a bit pricey, the results are indisputably top-notch.

One of the top subwoofers available right now in terms of sound quality is the Sonos Sub. The speaker’s astounding performance and sound quality can even surpass those of other brand-new subwoofers in 2022. The Sonos Sub’s full specifications must first be familiarized for you to make the best purchase decision.

Sonos Sub: Pros and Cons


  • Stylish Design
  • Integrated Audio Experience
  • Outstanding Sound Quality
  • Superior Subwoofer
  • An audiovisual experience
  • Highest levels of powerful, thunderous bass
  • Low-frequency anchoring that is barely audible at lower volumes
  • User-adjustable bass levels
  • Simple incorporation into existing Sonos systems


  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Features of Sonos Sub

The following features are among those offered by Sonos Sub:


The Sonos Sub’s design features an intriguing shape with a small window running through the middle of its body. Glossy black and white models are the only two color options for the Sonos Sub. Even though there are only two color options for the Sonos Sub, you can easily match these two color options to your furnishings or room’s design.

The Sonos Sub almost looks like a display font version of the letter O that is blocky. Its PC tower-like footprint is somewhat easier to accept because the size is comparable to many subs, but the appearance is more of a design piece than an eyesore. The speaker only has a very small number of markings overall. The Sonos logo is displayed on the front panel, and the left panel contains a status light and a Join button for connecting to a wireless network.

The Sub is supported by four feet to lessen vibration transfer to the floor, but the results will vary depending on the type of flooring you place the speaker on. Additionally, the felt feet create a recessed area underneath the speaker where the only two connections—for the power cable, the aforementioned felt feet, and a cleaning shammy—are located. The speaker is easy to set up with an existing Sonos system, as is typical for Sonos equipment. Since the Sub is a wireless speaker without any physical connections for subwoofer output, it cannot communicate wirelessly with other speakers that are not made by Sonos and are physically connected to the Sonos Amp.

Sound Performance

Almost all Sonos speaker arrangements are compatible with the Sub. When you turn it up from the default zero setting for music, the subwoofer produces serious thunder. It also produces a strong low-frequency rumble in that setting. The Sonos Sub’s audio capabilities cannot be upgraded. Audiophiles can experience a deeper level of immersion thanks to the Sonos Sub’s ability to reach another bass dimension. The Sonos Sub offers an all-around immersive listening experience that anyone can undoubtedly enjoy.

Sonos wireless speakers and streaming music players integrate seamlessly with Crestron home automation systems, providing touchscreen access to various streaming music services and enabling wireless audiophile-quality sound throughout the house.

At its default volumes, the Sonos Sub provides reliable extra depth. The Sonos app makes it simple to adjust your preferences for a variety of content, unlike many subwoofers that are set-in and forget-it speakers with difficult-to-reach knobs.

All in all, the Sonos Sub offers a fully immersive listening experience that anyone can undoubtedly enjoy.

Battery and Software

Since it is an indoor subwoofer, the Sonos Sub does not include a battery. You can get more powerful bass without distortion thanks to the two force-canceling drivers at the center of the subwoofer that stops vibration and rattle. By wirelessly connecting additional Sonos speakers, you can enhance your audio system throughout the house. Increased memory and full performance guarantee eBay’s performance and set up the Sub for upcoming updates.

To configure and optimize the Sonos Sub, you need the Sonos app. By increasing or decreasing the amount of bass the Sonos Sub puts on, you will be able to adjust the sub-audio with the help of the Sonos app. The Sonos app has a phase control option that you can use to reverse the sound waves.

Waterproof certification and Bluetooth

The Sonos Sub can pair with any Sonos speaker except for the newest Sonos speakers. The Sonos Sub, on the other hand, only supports Wi-Fi, so Bluetooth connectivity is not supported. Although the Sonos Sub is not waterproof, it is sealed and weatherproof, making it a good indoor speaker.

Extra Features

Additionally, Sonos has the following important features:

  • It is simple to connect to any Sonos system

 using a Wi-Fi network.

  • Two force-canceling drivers deliver pure bass without rattling or distortion.
  • For use in music, home theater, and other applications.
  • Design flexibility allows it to be either upright or flat.
  • Crestron controls are simple to integrate with


Can Sonos Sub be used on its own?

You can use any Sonos speaker alone, and Sonos allows you to pair many of its speakers into a stereo configuration. The Sonos Sub, which requires a Sonos speaker to be connected, is the only exception.

How wirelessly does Sonos Sub connect?

The Sub is a wireless speaker that lacks any physical connections for subwoofer output, making it incompatible with other wireless speakers that are not Sonos and are physically connected to the Sonos Amp.

What ports does Sonos Sub support?

The port is unable to bond with a Sonos Sub. Connecting a Sonos port directly to an external amplifier is impossible. Contrary to expectations. A Sub cannot be supported because the port depends on downstream amplification, the levels of which are unknown.

What is a Sonos Sub reset procedure?

Disconnect the power cord. Press and hold the Join button when you have the power cord connected. Hold the Play/Pause or Mute button if the product lacks a join button while re-connecting the power. Till the light flashes orange and white, keep holding the button.

The orange light on Sonos: What does it mean?

When setting up your Sonos system, the process is unsuccessful if you notice a solid orange light. Rebooting your Sonos device might help you get rid of this state. To accomplish this, unplug the product’s power cord, wait ten seconds, and then plug it back in.

Why isn’t there sound coming from my Sonos Sub?

Verify that the soundbar and TV are properly connected to the soundbar using either the optical cable or the HDMI ARC cable. When using an optical cable, ensure the red light next to the input on the Playbar or Beam is lit. You can temporarily disconnect the cable from the soundbar and TV before reinserting it if necessary.

Bottom Line

One of the best audio experiences available is provided by the Sonos Sub, which is also why it costs as much as it does. The Sonos Sub significantly enhances your listening experience, whether watching a drama or listening to music with this speaker, because of its powerful bass and expansive sound stage.

The Sonos Sub is a superb subwoofer that, whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, significantly enhances your listening experience. The Sonos Sub is undoubtedly one of your best options if you’re an audiophile looking for a subwoofer that offers an immersive listening experience. The Sonos Sub is a pricey wireless subwoofer you can easily control with an app. It isn’t how you start a Sonos system, but it’s a great addition to finish one.


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