HyperX Quadcast Vs HyperX Quadcast S | Which Mic is Good For You?

HyperX Quadcast is an elite gaming microphone ideal for streamers, gamers, and podcasters. It features everything you need to sound professional when broadcasting or recording. HyperX made its audio recording and live streaming debut in 2019 with the QuadCast microphone, paving the way for an even better experience with the release of its successor -the QuadCast S– a year later.

It is compatible with Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. Its wide range of features and versatility make it an excellent choice for gamers, streamers, and content creators of all levels.

HyperX Quadcast vs HyperX Quadcast S: Comparison

Regarding the HyperX Quadcast, there are two main models available: the original HyperX Quadcast and the new HyperX Quadcast S. Both microphones offer similar features, but they have some distinct differences that make them suited for different purposes.

The HyperX Quadcast has a cardioid polar pattern, which makes it ideal for streaming and podcasting. This type of microphone captures sound from the front while reducing background noise from other directions. While the HyperX Quadcast S has four polar patterns—stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional—the former has only one.

Another big difference between the HyperX Quadcast and the Quadcast S is their number of inputs. The original Quadcast has one 3.5mm input, while the Quadcast S has two 3.5mm inputs, allowing you to connect multiple audio sources. It is excellent for streaming and podcasting, as it will enable you to mix different audio sources or have various people talk. The HyperX Quadcast S also has an LED light ring on the front of the microphone that changes colour to indicate different recording modes. It is a great visual cue for streamers and podcasters, as it helps you easily monitor your recordings.

Both mics also come with a stand mount and shock mount, so you don’t have to worry about vibrations or other undesirable sounds when recording. The Quadcast S can be mounted on any standard camera or microphone stand, whereas the Cloud Alpha S is for desks and smaller surfaces. Both mics have a built-in pop filter and anti-vibration suspension system to reduce plosives, wind noise, and other background noise. The Quadcast S also has an extra layer of protection with its internal shock absorption mechanism, which reduces mechanical noises like keyboard clicks or tapping.

The HyperX Quadcast

The Gain Control

 It offers stunning sound quality with its four condenser capsules for natural clarity. The Gain Control feature allows you to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity easily, while the pop filter helps reduce any plosives. The adjustable stand and built-in shock mount also help eliminate background noise and vibrations while you record.

Four Selectable Polar Patterns

You can quickly adjust the gain within just a few seconds, making it easy to get the perfect sound. With its USB Microphone, you can achieve crystal-clear sound quality for streaming, singing, and gaming. The package includes a black microphone w/ stand plus all necessary adapters (3M mini-USB to USB cable & mic arm adapter). Get ready to experience unparalleled audio clarity like never before.

Anti-vibration Shock Mount

 It helps reduce noise and rumbling from outside sources, ensuring the best sound quality. The included pop filter helps reduce unwanted popping from your recordings. It ensures you have clean and professional- audio.

LED Indicator and No Installation

 A handy LED indicator lets you know when the microphone is mute or active. It is beneficial when multitasking while recording. The microphone comes ready to use right out of the box – no driver installation is needed.

Compatible with Most Streaming Software

You can use the microphone with popular streaming software like OBS, Streamlabs, Xsplit, and more. You can also pair this mic with your favourite audio editing software for the best results. The microphone captures your voice clearly and accurately, thanks to its cardioid polar pattern that rejects background noise. The built-in shock mount also reduces handling noise when you adjust the position during recording sessions.

Easy Setup

The microphone has a simple plug-and-play design, so you don’t have to waste time setting it up. The microphone also comes with a USB cable so you can easily connect it to your computer or laptop.

Excellent Sound Quality

The microphone has excellent sound quality and is ideal for podcasting or recording music. It captures audio at a 48 kHz sample rate, giving crystal-clear sound without distortion.


Durable Metal Body

The microphone is made from a durable metal body to withstand the rigours of regular use.

  • Plug and Play

You don’t need to install any drivers. Plug in the microphone and start recording.

  • Improved Audio

The microphone captures crisp, clean audio at a 48kHz sample rate.

  • Dynamic Noise Reduction

The microphone also features dynamic noise reduction to minimise background noise interference.


●      HyperX Quadcast Limited Connectivity

It only supports USB connections, so it’s incompatible with other audio interfaces.

HyperX Quadcast S

Four Polar Patterns

The microphone features four polar patterns (stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional) to suit different recording scenarios. It also has a tap-to-mute sensor, which allows you to quickly and easily mute your mic when needed.

Zero-Latency Headphone Output

It also has a zero-latency headphone output to monitor your recordings in real-time. It also includes a tap-to-mute sensor with a built-in LED indicator. It’s even compatible with the HyperX custom headset stand.

Gain Control

The microphone features an adjustable gain knob that can be used to fine-tune the sensitivity of the microphone. The microphone also comes with a 6-foot USB cable, a windscreen, a desktop microphone stand, and an instruction manual. The instruction manual will help you start the microphone quickly with helpful tips and tutorials.

Shock Mount

A shock mount is included with the microphone to lessen obtrusive vibrations and noise. The microphone has a flexible design with a gooseneck for easy positioning. You can adjust the microphone’s position easily to get the best sound quality.

Noise Isolation

The microphone has noise isolation technology to reduce unwanted environmental noises and distractions.

USB Connectivity and Pop Up Filter

The microphone is USB-powered and has a USB connector for connecting to your computer or other devices. This microphone has a pop filter to reduce plosives, a desk stand for easy positioning, and a USB cable for easy connection. These accessories make it easier to create great recordings with minimal effort.


The USB connection provides an easy plug-and-play setup, so you can start recording immediately. Whether you are an aspiring musician, streamer, podcaster, or just someone who needs to record their voice for work or school, this microphone is a great choice. It will provide crystal clear sound, making your recordings sound professional.

Plug and Play

The microphone is easy to set up and use. Plug it into your computer or device, install the necessary drivers (if needed), and start recording. No additional software is required. The microphone comes with all the necessary cables to connect to your computer or other devices. The lines are high-quality and designed for maximum performance and reliability.


Crystal Clear Sound Quality

The microphone is designed to give you a professional and clear sound.

Easy Plug-and-Play Setup

No additional software or drivers are needed. Plug it in and get a recording.


A microphone is affordable for those who want to start recording without breaking the bank.


Can be Sensitive to Background Noise

The microphone is sensitive to background noise, so you may need to record in a quiet room or use noise-cancelling software.

Require Additional Drivers

It may require additional drivers to work on some computers or devices.

HyperX Quadcast or HyperX Quadcast S: Which is the Better Option?

The HyperX Quadcast is the original version of the microphone, while the HyperX Quadcast S is a newer model. The original HyperX Quadcast has four condenser capsules for recording, while the HyperX Quadcast S has eight condenser capsules for higher-quality recordings. The HyperX Quadcast S also has a built-in shock mount for extra stability. Both models have the same frequency response range and require additional drivers to work on some computers or devices.

The HyperX Quadcast S is the better option if you need higher-quality recordings. The additional capsules provide a more professional sound, and the built-in shock mount increases stability for better audio quality. However, if you’re on a budget and don’t require top-notch sound quality, the regular HyperX Quadcast is still an excellent choice. Both models offer outstanding performance for gamers, streamers, podcasters, and anyone looking to get great sound from their microphones.

Whichever microphone you choose, install the necessary drivers and follow the setup instructions carefully. You’ll be ready to create high-quality recordings and standout podcast episodes with the right mic.


To lessen the rumbles of daily life, QuadCast has its anti-vibration shock mount and an integrated pop filter. With the LED indicator, you can see your microphone status right away. To avoid embarrassing broadcasting mishaps, tap to mute. It includes a gain control dial conveniently located and has four selectable polar patterns, making it ready for almost any recording situation.


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