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Vizio is one of the most famed brands of home theater equipment. For a good cause: the business is renowned for the breathtaking picture quality of its TVs and the dependability of its LED-backlit TVs. However, the company also excels in the market of soundbars and surround sound systems. Thanks to its extensive selection of options to accommodate various room sizes and price ranges, Vizio has quickly settled itself as a serious competitor in the home theater market among happy customers and the audio industry.

With the aid of a powerful wireless subwoofer and surround speakers, the various whole-home audio sound systems Vizio offers all create immersive surround sound for your room. You recently purchased a Vizio soundbar and are eager to pair your new subwoofer. But how can they be combined so that you may begin hearing incredible sounds?

Usually, the first time they are turned on, the Vizio Soundbar and Subwoofer will automatically pair. Check the light on your subwoofer’s back if you think the soundbar and subwoofer are not connected. The subwoofer is looking for a soundbar because it isn’t paired if the light on the back of the subwoofer is blinking. However, if the subwoofer’s light is solid, indicating that it is not blinking, the subwoofer is paired.

Vizio Soundbar and Subwoofer

An excellent way to upgrade the audio experience is with the Vizio soundbar and subwoofer. The soundbar can be used with the subwoofer for powerful, resonant bass. Since it is wireless, the soundbar can be positioned anywhere in the space, including on a shelf. Any TV can be connected to it, and the remote that comes with it lets you adjust the Volume and bass.

The Vizio soundbar and subwoofer is a sound system created to provide you with the best sound quality possible. Your TV viewing can be improved the most this way. The Vizio soundbar provides two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output for connecting to a TV. It has a wireless subwoofer with a thin profile that can be placed anywhere in the room.

How Do I Pair a Vizio Soundbar With a Subwoofer?

Before pairing the Vizio soundbar and subwoofer, ensure they are both turned on. Setting them into pairing mode is followed by pairing the devices. Resetting your soundbar is necessary if none of these solutions work.

1. Verify the two  devices are turned on

Both devices must be powered on for a Bluetooth connection to be established. The initial step is ensuring that the pairing process is successful. However, occasionally, some people overlook it. The reason why devices won’t pair with one another is then a mystery to them.

Therefore, before starting, ensure the Vizio soundbar and subwoofer are turned on. The subwoofer can be activated by doing the following:

  • Connect a power source to it.
  • Verify whether it is necessary to press the power button.
  • Wait until the soundbar is turned on because a subwoofer needs an electrical input.

The electrical signal from the receiver next to the soundbar is then received as the next step. It will switch on automatically after receiving the electrical signal. Additionally, it will switch off if it doesn’t. Subwoofers consume a lot of energy, so helping conserve energy is good.

Now follow the instructions below to turn on the Vizio soundbar:

  • Ensure that the TV is turned on and that it is plugged in.
  • Switch on the TV.
  • Press the Power button to turn on the soundbar.

Try turning it up or down to determine whether the soundbar is on. The volume indicators light up as soon as the Vizio soundbar is turned on.

2. Turn on Soundbar and Subwoofer’s Pairing Mode

The Vizio soundbar and subwoofer can also be connected by putting them in pairing mode. If you’re pairing them for the first time, Vizio advises placing them one foot apart. After pairing, they can, however, be placed further. When they are first paired, closer proximity is necessary.

The following instructions should help you pair your subwoofer:

  • Find the “Pairing” button on the button row.
  • Release the button after pressing it.

For a Vizio soundbar, the procedure is also incredibly simple. On the remote control, look for a “Pair” button. Check the manual, press that button once, or keep holding down the Power button. Unplug both of the devices’ power cords and then plug them back in if they still have trouble pairing. Try pairing the two devices once they have both been powered back on.

3. Verify the devices’ Pairing Status

Finally, the subwoofer and soundbar should be connected. The procedure ought to be automatic when both devices are in pairing mode. Some systems even pair the subwoofers and soundbar automatically. Just looking at the light on the subwoofer’s back will do, even in the preliminary stage. If the subwoofer blinks, it’s unpaired, which is a bad sign. The soundbar and subwoofer are paired if the indicator is solid, though.

However, try these fixes if the subwoofer still won’t pair with your Vizio soundbar:

  • Take both devices’ power plugs out.
  • Take a moment to wait.
  • Replace the plugs.
  • Restart the pairing process.

Try a reset if the device isn’t pairing by then. The manual for the sound bar will have specific testing guidelines. However, there are some instances where the soundbars lack a reset button. Move on to the following step in that case. Don’t hesitate to contact the technical support team if you still can’t connect the subwoofer and soundbar after following these instructions.

Vizio SoundBar resetting procedures?

The last possible action is to reset the soundbar. Do not reset the soundbar if you have not previously done power cycling. One can restore the soundbar to its factory defaults by using the instructions below.

Initially, make sure the remote is functioning. Follow the next instruction.

  • The remote should say “Menu.”
  • Find Reset by using the arrow buttons.
  • Utilize the arrow buttons to select Reset rather than No.

Try a different method to restore the device to its factory default settings if you don’t have a remote control. The soundbar’s buttons must be pressed to accomplish this.

  • The soundbar should have buttons for Bluetooth and mute.
  • It takes at least five seconds to hold and press.
  • The 12 LEDs flashed three times in unison.

If the Vizio soundbar is reset to factory settings, all previous settings will be lost. It will be impossible to recover any previous pairings. So connecting the soundbar and subwoofer will feel brand new.


Why is there no connection between the subwoofer and the subwoofer?

Before plugging in the bar, make sure the subwoofer is connected. To pair manually, press the subwoofer’s pairing button and follow the setup instructions. Everything must be unplugged to pair the bar and the subwoofer without a hitch.

How do you restore a Vizio Bluetooth subwoofer?

Holding down the soundbar’s Volume Down button while pressing the Bluetooth button will activate Bluetooth. Keep pressing both buttons for 5 seconds. Make sure the soundbar’s LED lights on the left are all flashing. The Vizio soundbar is now in its factory-rested state.

How can one determine whether a Vizio subwoofer is working properly?

Check the light on the subwoofer’s back if you suspect the soundbar and the subwoofer are not connected. The subwoofer is looking for a soundbar because it isn’t paired if the light on the back of the subwoofer is blinking. If the subwoofer’s light is solid, which denotes that it is not blinking, the subwoofer has been repaired.

Is it possible to pair a Vizio subwoofer with a different soundbar?

Any powered subwoofer, whether wired or wireless, can be added if you can find a wireless transmitter compatible with plugging into the subwoofer from the soundbar.

What distinguishes a subwoofer from a soundbar?

Once connected, your subwoofer will turn on whenever your soundbar is powered up. Both processes are quick and easy. If your subwoofer has a wired or manual connection, it will come with a cord that you can use to connect it to the output on your soundbar.

Bottom Line

The Vizio soundbar is an excellent option if you want to improve the audio on your TV. Your favorite movies and TV shows will sound better, thanks to the device’s potent speaker. For an even more immersive experience, it also includes a wireless soundbar. Connect the Vizio soundbar to an AC outlet and your TV using the included HDMI cable to begin enjoying its incredible sound.


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