How to Connect Yamaha Soundbar to TV

The Yamaha Soundbar is a fantastic addition and ideal for TV because it offers a much better listening experience than the TV’s built-in speakers. While enjoying the sound of a top-notch surround system, you can listen to music, and news, watch videos and play games. You can access your preferred content from anywhere in the house by controlling the soundbar with your smartphone or tablet.

The following techniques should help if your Yamaha soundbar is having trouble connecting to your TV:

1. Pairing a Yamaha Soundbar with Bluetooth

The most convenient way to use your soundbar is through Bluetooth connectivity since you don’t have to worry about wired connections. Check to see if your television has Bluetooth connectivity before implementing this technique. This is because a connection cannot be established without Bluetooth.

For Bluetooth connectivity, follow these steps.

  • Initially, activate your TV’s Bluetooth. You can do that in your television’s settings.
  • The soundbar needs to be set up and turned on next. The soundbar is turned on and operating when the flashing light turns on.
  • Connect the soundbar to your TV now. Simply making sure the soundbar is turned on is all that is required. The soundbar Bluetooth pairing option will appear on your TV list when it is on.
  • Pick your soundbar from the Bluetooth devices that are currently connected, and it will function. The two will need some time to get along.

As you can see, setting up a Yamaha soundbar to work with television is very easy.

2. Use HDMI ARC to connect the Yamaha Soundbar to the TV

Some TVs have different HDMI ports, so confusion may arise when connecting your soundbar using this method. Among all of them, using the HDMI ARC port yields the best audio quality.

If your device doesn’t have an HDMI ARC port, you can still connect it using an HDMI port. Check out the procedures now.

  • Finding the correct HDMI port on your television is the first thing you need to do. To locate the ports quickly, look at their labels. The HDMI ARC port is recommended over a regular HDMI port.
  • An HDMI cable is required to connect the soundbar to your HDMI port. It may be sufficient in some instances to establish the connection. But some televisions need to be adjusted further.
  • You must go to your television’s settings to enable the HDMI option. Additionally, select the correct HDMI connection if you have multiple available.
  • Select the audio output mode for the soundbar at this point. You are finished with that.

Even though some TVs might not function correctly without an HDMI ARC port. In that case, your only remaining and the most constrained option is an optional cable. Considering that it comes as standard on most televisions, you won’t need to worry about that.

3. Use an Optical Cable to Connect the Yamaha Soundbar to the TV

An optical cable is one of the most well-known methods of connecting a soundbar to a TV. Every TV in use today has a visual, audio output option. The Yamaha soundbar also provides a TV optical cable option. Connecting the Yamaha soundbar to a TV with an optical cable is simple.

It is how to configure an optical cable to connect a TV to a Yamaha soundbar.

  • Turn off your TV and Yamaha soundbar before you do anything else. It will safeguard you from any unexpected current accident.
  • Take your optical cable and place one end of it into the Yamaha soundbar input source at this point.
  • Connect the optical cable’s opposite end to the TV’s output source. Ensure the optical cable is inserted correctly into the appropriate input and output sources.
  • Choose optical as the input on the Yamaha soundbar if you want to hear high-quality audio.
  • The audio is now being tested. Check the voice quality on the TV after turning it on. Occasionally, it takes a little while for the audio to begin. Reset the device if it won’t start.
  • For more information on connecting the Yamaha soundbar to your TV with an optical cable, refer to the manual.

The availability of optical cable may not be universal with this connection, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, it would be advantageous if you used a high-quality cable because it affects the soundbar’s audio output.

4. Attach the Yamaha Soundbar to the TV with a Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is better if your TV doesn’t have an optical cable output option. The method is the same as that for an optical cable. Switch out the optical cable for a coaxial cable.

  • Turn off both devices first.
  • A coaxial cable should be plugged into the TV and the Yamaha soundbar. TV will still be the output, while the Yamaha soundbar will still be the input source.
  • Selecting the STB button on your Yamaha soundbar remote control is the next step after inserting the coaxial cable.
  • After installing and configuring the audio system, turn on the television and enjoy the Yamaha soundbar’s excellent audio.


1. How should I connect the soundbar to the television?

As all methods are excellent, there is no best method. However, the most practical approach is to connect the soundbar via Bluetooth. You don’t have to deal with the hassles of wires. An optical cable offers better audio performance and quality.

2. Is my smartphone capable of controlling my Yamaha soundbar?

Yes, using the Soundbar Controller app on your smartphone, you can operate the Yamaha soundbar. Using your smartphone or tablet offers simple selection functionality.

3. What causes my Yamaha soundbar to shut off repeatedly?

In the following circumstances, the device automatically shuts off when the audio power standby function is enabled. The last eight hours have seen no operations. More than 10 minutes have passed without the unit receiving any audio or being used.


Anyone looking for a straightforward way to improve the sound quality of their TV should consider the Yamaha soundbar a great option. There are many helpful features, and it is simple to operate. The soundbar is small and an excellent opportunity for those looking to spice up their living space with some entertainment.


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