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One of the top speaker manufacturers on the market is Sonos Move. A built-in Alexa feature allows users of Sonos Move to control one or more Sonos systems using voice commands. It also boasts high-quality audio and a variety of other features.

Few speakers, including the Sonos Move, were designed with mobility. The sole speaker that meets those requirements is the Sonos Roam. Using a Sonos speaker outside the WiFi network, it has been paired with is now possible. It is functional thanks to the Bluetooth support of Sonos speakers.

The Move is the first speaker from Sonos to feature two unique sound modes. Sonos Move is one of the rare Sonos speakers created especially for bathroom use. You can use this one with WiFi or Bluetooth, similar to other Sonos speakers. When paired with a gadget like a phone or a computer, Sonos Move can play audio. Since the Sonos app does not support Bluetooth mode, you can directly stream audio from a streaming service.

How to Set Up Sonos Move To WiFi

Sonos Move must be logged into a WiFi network before you can pair it with Bluetooth. To connect Sonos Move to WiFi, the following steps must be taken:

  • Start Sonos App after downloading it. With Sonos S1 apps, Sonos Move can be used. The Sonos S2 app is an updated version of the original Sonos S1 app.
  • To connect your Sonos device to a wireless network, confirm that the phone is connected to it. Activate Sonos!
  • When the device first starts up and is not connected to a WiFi network, the Status light will turn white.
  • If you haven’t already, create an app-based Sonos system. The settings menu can be accessed by tapping the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • To access the “System” menu item, click the icon that resembles a house. Now select “Add Product” from the first category, “Products,” which is the last choice.
  • In-area Sonos products can be found using Sonos app. When a product is discovered, the item’s name and picture are displayed.
  • Add, and the Infinity buttons should be clicked once the speaker begins to play a chime sound.
  • Update Sonos Move by activating Sonos App and selecting Update. After clicking “done” at the conclusion, your Sonos Move is now Wi-Fi-connected. The status light ought to be completely white.

How To Connect Sonos Move To Bluetooth?

Sonos Move must be configured in WiFi mode before being paired for the first time in Bluetooth mode. The procedures listed below should be followed if you are configuring it for the first time in Bluetooth mode.

  • Power on the Sonos Move.
  • A solid white coloration of the status light is required.
  • To activate Bluetooth pairing mode, press the Mode button on Sonos Move’s back. Keep an eye out for blue flashes in Sonos Move’s status light-up top.
  • Enter the Bluetooth menu from your device or the one you want to connect, and then look for devices there.
  • When Sonos Move appears, choose it and then confirm.
  • The status light will turn solid blue, and Sonos Move will chime. The paired Sonos Move is evident from this.

Sonos Move should automatically connect in the future, like most Bluetooth devices, barring a reset on either device.

How To Connect Two Sonos Move?

Any other Sonos speaker and Sonos Moves can be grouped in the app. Two Sonos Move speakers are required to create a stereo pair. Before pairing Sonos Move in stereo, please ensure they are both in WiFi mode. When in Bluetooth mode, Sonos Move speakers cannot be paired with one another to create stereo.

Sonos Move speakers function as stand-alone speakers when connected via Bluetooth. To connect two Sonos Move speakers, the steps below should be taken.

  • Turn on WiFi on both Sonos Move speakers.
  • To access the Settings menu, open Sonos Move and tap the gear icon.
  • To view all of your Sonos System’s speakers, tap the system.
  • On a Sonos Move speaker, press down.
  • Select Setup Stereo Pair from the menu.

The most recent instructions are available on a Sonos Move support website if the app is updated.

How To Make Sonos Move Discoverable And Pair With Bluetooth?

After pairing Bluetooth with Sonos Move, you’ll sometimes want to pair it with another device because it’s already connected to one. Naturally, there are a lot more options. Adhere to the directions below to put your Sonos Move in pairing mode.

  • To begin, hold down the Mode button on  Sonos Move for a few seconds until Bluetooth pairing mode appears.
  • Sonos Move will chime, and the status light will start to flash blue if you continue to hold down the Mode button.
  • Sonos Move can now be located by a variety of devices.

The mode button on Sonos Move’s back is in the middle, with icons for Bluetooth and WiFi to its left and right, respectively. Sonos Move can be paired with another device for the first time with just one tap of the Bluetooth button. Sonos Move will be in pairing mode when you notice the status light beginning to flash blue.

How To Charge Sonos Switch To Wireless From Bluetooth?

Since Sonos Move is designed to be a portable speaker, it is simple to switch between Bluetooth and WiFi. Only pressing a button is necessary; it is not automatic. By rapidly pressing and releasing the Mode button on Sonos Move’s back, Bluetooth mode can be changed to WiFi mode. You’ll know you’re in WiFi mode when the status light on top of the speaker changes from blue to white.

While in WiFi mode, tapping the Mode button will return you to Bluetooth mode. By looking at the color of the status light on top of Sonos Move, you can determine whether Bluetooth or WiFi mode is on. WiFi mode is indicated by white, while Bluetooth mode is indicated by blue. The status light will flash as  Sonos Move connects when switching to a different method for the first time.


1.A Sonos Move can connect to how many devices at once?

Sonos Move can only pair with six different gadgets. It will keep track of the last six connected devices. If a new device is connected, Sonos Move will forget the device the furthest back in time.

2. Is Bluetooth pairing between two Sonos Moves possible?

Sonos Move speaker performs as a stand-alone speaker when used with Bluetooth. Sonos Move can only be connected to one Bluetooth device simultaneously and does not sync with other speakers.

3. How long will a Sonos Move speaker last?

According to Sonos, it can play at a moderate volume for about ten hours. Of course, what constitutes an intermediate volume can vary.

4. How loud does a Sonos Move sound?

For a small speaker, the Sonos Move produces an impressive amount of bass up to 85 dB, which is already louder than most people find comfortable. It can go lower than most confirmed bookshelf speakers—down to about 40Hz.

Bottom Line

One of the few Sonos speakers made to be portable is Sonos Move. In actuality, Sonos Roam is the only other Sonos speaker in that same category. Users’ inquiries about using a Sonos speaker with Bluetooth make sense, given that most people use the Sonos with WiFi.

The brand’s entry-level speaker, Sonos Move, can be used regardless of the WiFi network with which it is paired. The question of how that is possible may be on your mind. Sonos speaker’s Bluetooth functionality makes it work. The first speaker from the company to have two modes is the Sonos Move.


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