How to Connect Edifier Speakers to TV

Edifier speakers are ready to shake your world. We have an insider’s guide that explains how these potent gadgets can be connected using a speaker cable, a power source, Bluetooth, optical, coaxial, and AUX/RCA. It’s that simple to have music flowing into your room without technical knowledge; just put in your jack. So why are you still waiting? So you can jam like a pro; let’s connect those speakers.

A few straightforward measures can completely change your home theatre experience. You only need to use a 3.5mm audio cable to connect speakers to your television to improve the audio of movies and television programs. It simply couldn’t be much easier to use an adapter if your smart TV lacks an audio input. These simple steps can quickly and effectively improve any viewing experience. Movie marathons will never seem quite as immersive again by plugging one or more cables from the speaker system’s output into a few TVs’ inputs in place of their tiny built-in speakers.

Connecting Edifier speakers to your television can instantly improve your viewing experience in just a few easy steps. For a fully immersive film experience, take advantage of audio quality and increased sound clarity.

  • You find the audio output on your TV. It can be found on the device’s back and is frequently marked with “audio out,” “speaker output,” or something similar on many contemporary TVs.
  • Once you’ve found the audio output, use a 3.5mm cable, commonly known as an aux cable, to connect one end to the audio output on your TV and the other to one of the two input jacks on your Edifier speakers. Verify that the plugs on both ends are secured.
  • Afterwards, turn on your Edifier speakers and make sure the proper source is chosen. When turned on, your speakers ought to start to buzz. If there is no sound, crank up the TV’s volume or push the volume button until you can hear it. You may also use the bass and treble settings on your Edifier speakers to alter the sound to your liking.
  • Finally, if you own a wireless Edifier speaker system, such as a Bluetooth-enabled one, you may effortlessly connect it to your TV without using any cords. All you have to do is switch on both devices and then watch for the TV to display the connection indicator.

Remember to turn off your Edifier speakers when you’ve finished using them. It will prevent them from needlessly consuming power and greatly increase their longevity. Check the owner’s manual for maintenance advice because adhering to these suggestions will help keep your Edifier speakers functioning flawlessly for many years. You may easily take advantage of all the features of your Edifier speaker system with the help of these straightforward steps.

Through AUX Cable

Connecting Edifier speakers to a device is simple if the speakers have an AUX input. An AUX cable has two RCA plugs or two 3.5 mm male connections on either end. The Edifier speakers’ AUX input should be connected to the red and white RCA connectors, and the appropriate devices’ headphone jacks should be connected to the 3.5mm plugs.

Through Bluetooth

Models with Bluetooth connectivity are also available from Edifier. You must turn on Bluetooth on each device and link them with each other to connect your speakers to a device using Bluetooth. To turn on Bluetooth, you should click a button on some Edifier speakers. The Edifier speakers can be chosen as your device’s audio output once both devices have been linked. It enables wireless connection without the use of extra cords or wires.

Through Wi-Fi

Direct Wi-Fi connections are also available on certain of Edifier’s more expensive versions. Once you’re connected, playing music through your Edifier speakers is simple from any source. It is a fantastic way to wirelessly stream music without concerned about cords or connections getting in the way.

Through USB

A USB port connection is also available on Edifier speakers. Directly plugging your device into the speaker will cause it to detect it and begin playing music instantly. It is a fantastic choice if you don’t want to avoid dealing with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections but still need to stream music virtually. The only drawback is that the sound will be better with a direct connection.

Through Optical Input

The optical input can also be used with Edifier speakers. This kind of connection provides interference- and background noise-free audio that is clear. It is excellent for movies and other multimedia content because it supports full surround sound. The only drawback is that additional connections are required to enable this connection.

Through Digital to Analog Audio converter

You can also use a digital-to-analogue audio converter to connect your Edifier speakers. Your speakers can use these converters to turn digital audio impulses into analogue ones. It will be the perfect solution for people who want to stream music from their mobile devices but need the appropriate connection speed because these converters can be pricey and complicated to set up.

Whatever option you select, Edifier speakers make it simple to listen to your favourite music without worrying about cords or connections getting in the way. You may quickly connect to Edifier speakers and stream your favourite music without problems or concerns.


Keep going even if your Edifier speaker won’t connect to your gadget; try troubleshooting it. When prompted, look for the Edifier speaker and connect. Using the ‘Play/Pause’ button on each speaker and the settings menu in The Home app, you can return the speakers to their default settings. The manufacturers can provide additional assistance and guidance for questions about particular products.

Most importantly, take advantage of the convenience of wireless music listening. You can effortlessly link your Edifier speakers to your smart device and enjoy listening by taking a few extra steps. With Edifier, you can be sure your wireless music experience will be a step above the rest.

You should experiment with some of the EQ settings offered by the Edifier app if you want to take your sound to the next level. You can use these options to personalise your sound and ensure that your Edifier speakers work to their full potential. You may have a full and rich variety of sounds with the appropriate settings.

Everybody can enjoy listening to music because of Edifier’s commitment to offering high-quality audio products. Edifier offers a variety of wireless speakers, whether you’re an audiophile or just looking for some excellent ones. You can check if your speakers are operating at their peak efficiency and achieve the sound quality you want. For a better listening experience with Edifier, download the app right away.


Can Edifier speakers be connected to multiple devices using the same cable?

The same cable can connect Edifier speakers to various devices as long as they have compatible connection ports. For instance, if you have an HDMI cable and your TV and home theatre system both have HDMI ports, you can connect your speakers to both devices using the same cable. When switching between the TV and the home theatre system, you will need to change the audio device on the TV.

Does a TV require an audio receiver to connect Edifier speakers to it?

If the TV and speakers have compatible connection ports, you can connect Edifier speakers to them without using an audio receiver. You can connect the TV and speakers directly without an additional audio receiver if the TV has a built-in audio receiver or if both the TV and speakers have the same type of connection port.


By merely syncing Edifier speakers with a TV, you can significantly enhance your audio experience. The techniques mentioned above will ensure that your speakers are correctly installed and receive the best sound quality. Keep in mind that the quality of the audio source, the cables, and the speakers’ location can all significantly impact the sound.


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