Focusrite Scarlett vs Clarett | Which is Good?

Focusrite’s Scarlett and Clarett audio interface lines are both high-quality. Scarlett is the less expensive option, designed for beginners and bedroom producers. On the other hand, Clarett is a more expensive range that is better suited for professional recording and has better overall sound quality. The Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett audio interfaces differ significantly in several important ways. The Clarett line was created with professional studios in mind, while the Focusrite Scarlett is primarily intended for home studio recordings. Preamplifier design, onboard converters, and digital signal processing capabilities are just a few variables that will affect each interface’s overall audio quality.

For those who want to read on, we will discuss the main features of each of these interfaces and then compare them to discuss their main differences. And finally, we will give you our thoughts on which one we believe will work best for you.

Focusrite plc

After decades of producing and selling music and audio equipment under eleven prestigious brands, The Focusrite Group has developed a well-known reputation for excellence. Focusrite plc is the go-to supplier of high-quality solutions utilized by professional sound engineers and amateur musicians. Focusrite plc is dedicated to providing the highest-quality audio solutions available. Their products are designed with modern technology and features while maintaining a classic and timeless sound.

Focusrite Scarlett vs. Clarett: Quick Comparison

Focusrite Scarlett is designed to provide users with an affordable, entry-level interface for computer recording. This excellent tool for the guitarist, vocalist, podcaster, or producer may bring your audio to a new level of high-fidelity studio sound. Furthermore, you receive all the necessary software to make a recording as simple and unique as possible. In comparison, Clarett is an advanced interface that gives greater control and precision to users serious about recording. It has the most powerful tool for music production 2Pre USB-C Bus-Powered Audio Interface. You can be sure that your sound will be flawlessly caught at top performance due to the two professional-grade pre-amps and robust and transparent instrument & headphone inputs on this device.

The two headphone outputs, combined with this interface’s new AD/DA conversion and low latency, make it a perfect choice for producers and performers. If you are looking for an interface to use with your computer with various features and capabilities, then Clarett is an excellent choice. You will get a genuinely professional-sounding and reliable setup with this device. This interface comes at an affordable price point, making it an ideal option for beginners and experienced producers. The low latency performance ensures that your recordings will always sound great no matter what you are working on. The Clarett is worth a look if you are looking for a reliable, professional-sounding interface. Due to its extensive features and capabilities, it will provide you with all the tools you need to make fantastic music.

Focusrite Scarlett Review

 The 2i2 includes two upgraded third-generation Scarlett mic preamps with an optional Air setting to replicate the Air effect of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp, giving your vocal and acoustic recordings a brighter and more open sound. Scarlett 2i2 has the same professional sound quality as the rest of the third-generation range due to high-performance 24-bit/192kHz AD-DA converters.

Listening with Clarity

Due to the two low-noise balanced outputs, you can enjoy a crystal-clear listening experience. By connecting headphones to these strong outputs, you can unleash the full potential of your music or your favorite streaming tracks from Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Quality Recording

You can record music with unmatched clarity and authenticity thanks to Scarlett’s cutting-edge, high-performance converters. Get ready for recordings of studio quality that will raise the bar for the music industry and elevate your upcoming podcast or project to a new level of 24-bit/192kHz audio fidelity. With recordings this apparent, it will sound as though you are in the same room as your favorite musicians.

Best Performance

Prepare to elevate your recordings to professional performance levels with Scarlett Solo’s most excellent mic pre-amps—introducing Air Mode! Delivering a more transparent, open soundscape for recording instruments like the guitar and bass and immaculate clarity and headroom for the vocals. Due to our Gain Halos, you can record every nuance without worrying about unintentional distortion or clipping.


Acquire the necessary equipment now, and get ready to produce beautiful music. You can record high-quality vocals, guitars, keys, and drums due to the valuable content and software we’ve created in collaboration with leading industry professionals. Also, a three-year warranty covering unanticipated manufacturing flaws globally guarantees that your Focusrite hardware won’t disappoint you.

Focusrite Clarett Review

Clarett+ is Focusrite’s line of high-quality USB audio interfaces for PC and Mac that builds on the previous Clarett lines’ strengths. A high-quality 10-in/4-out audio interface for the recording artist. A versatile and sonically true 18-in/8-out audio interface for the complete creator.

JFET instrument

Ultra-responsive, studio-quality JFET instrument inputs let you capture your guitar’s authentic sound. You can create professional recordings in the comfort of your home thanks to our unique bundle of recording software, mixing plug-ins, virtual instruments, and extensive audio bandwidth.

Powerful Output

Clarett+ can completely change the way you can mix and record. Use its power output to create unrivaled soundscapes perfect for any pair of headphones. Use this incredibly flexible bundle to its fullest potential, whether you’re a beginning producer or an expert audio engineer. It includes intuitive software that works perfectly on PC, Mac, or iOS devices.

A-D/D-A Converters

Brand-new A-D/D-A converters provide a better listening experience by producing precise soundscapes without noise or distortion. Take advantage of expansive dynamics for more immersive encounters regardless of the environment.

Clarett+ pre-amps

The Clarett+ pre-amps will make your vocal recordings sparkle like a pro. All-analogue Air circuitry to replicate the vintage Focusrite ISA110 impedance, a tonne of headroom, minimal distortion, and extremely low noise. With its USB-C connection, you can effortlessly give vocals the dynamic edge they require for outstanding results, which provides bus power from any 15W port.

Air Mode

Take your recordings to the next level with Focusrite’s Air mode. Using the same technology as their classic ISA pre-amps, this feature adds a touch of sparkle and clarity to any vocal recording. You can give the distinctive sound of old studio equipment with the flick of a switch.

Which is Superior? Focusrite Scarlett or Clarett

The Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett pre-amp series offer excellent sound quality and performance. The Scarlett is great for those on a budget, offering classic ISA-style pre-amps at a more affordable price than the Clarett. However, the Clarett is worth considering if you want the latest analog-modeling technology. Ultimately, the decision is yours and will be influenced by your financial situation and the sound you wish to create.

Both Focusrite series of pre-amps are great options for any studio or live performance situation. The Focusrite Scarlett and Clarett pre-amps offer excellent sound quality and performance. Each has advantages and disadvantages, so it is critical to consider which is best suited for your recording needs. Whether you choose the Scarlett or the Clarett, both will provide a great sounding base for your recordings.


Is Clarett superior to Scarlett?

Focusrite’s Scarlett and Clarett audio interface lines, are both high-quality. Scarlett is the more affordable option for beginners and bedroom producers, whereas Clarett is a more expensive range suited for professional recording and with better sound quality.

Is Clarett worth more than Scarlett?

The Clarett interfaces use Focusrite’s best microphone preamp technology, which is slightly higher than the Scarlett range. The Clarett preamp is a Focusrite brand mainstay that delivers next-level clarity, warmth, and precision that is difficult to match, especially at this price point.

What makes the Focusrite so special?

Focusrite provides extremely affordable interfaces without sacrificing sound quality – even the most affordable models, such as the Scarlett Focusrite 2i2, provide the same sound quality as more expensive models and are less expensive primarily due to their more limited input and output options.

Is Focusrite appropriate for beginners?

Focusrite is one of the most well-known names in beginner audio interfaces today, with the Solo being the standard model. The Focusrite Solo, which includes a microphone and instrument input, gives you everything you need to start recording with your piano, guitar, and microphone.


Now that you know what distinguishes the Scarlett and Clarett audio interfaces, you should have all the information you need to decide.  If you’re a beginner looking to set up a home studio, start with one of the Scarlett range’s entry-level models and possibly upgrade to one of their excellent all-in-one bundles.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a superior Clarett model if you’ve been doing recordings for years and are looking for a Focusrite audio interface that will meet your high sound-quality standards. You can even save money by purchasing a Clarett+ OctoPre, which gives you eight additional channels to work with.


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